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Visit York Harry Potter and Diagon Alley Travel Guide 2024

Visit York Harry Potter and Diagon Alley

Are you looking to immerse yourself into the cool York Harry Potter scene? York has risen to one of the number one Harry Potter destinations in the world and this is why Harry Potter fans from all over the world come to the UK. This unique place offers Harry Potter fans the chance to walk down The Shambles street, which inspired the famous Diagon Alley. You will get the total Harry Potter vibe walking down here. Also, there isn’t just the Shambles, you can also check out things like the shop without a name. Or what about booking the Harry Potter tour in York.

York is one of the coolest places in England to visit. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you will appreciate the culture and history in York. I visit here at least 3 times a year and will continue to do so! You should check out York at Christmas for a magical Harry Potter experience!

What is York best known for? This amazing city is best known for the amazing Harry Potter inspiration and historical landmarks such as the York city walls and the epic York Minster.

visit York and the amazing Harry Potter

1. Diagon Alley York (the Shambles)

Where is Diagon Alley in real life? Well, the real Diagon Alley is the world of wizards is the leaky Cauldron and this is the real-life entrance to the Diagon Alley. It’s right near Charing Cross Road.

Shambles street is one of the most unique and unusual things to see in York! It’s also one of my top places to visit. Walking down the Shambles gives you the feeling of what it would be like to walk down Diagon Alley and seeing the magic alley from the hit J.K Rowling movie. There is quirky little shops and bars for you to explore, not to mention the epic photo opportunities.

This awesome street dates back well in time and there is plenty of York history for us to learn about.

If you’re wanting to walk down Diagon Alley (The Shambles), then expect it to be crowded. Tourists flock from all over the world to visit York. Furthermore, it gets real-busy on weekends, but it’s a mega atmosphere.

The Diagon Alley address is: York YO1 7LZ

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2. The shop that must not be named

This is the ultimate Harry potter shop York if you’re looking to purchase Harry Potter merchandise. The shop that must not be named (actual name) is a licence to sell all the official Harry Potter wands, gifts and any other merchandise you want.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything it’s worth calling in the shop that must not be named to explore the Harry Potter Merchandise available.

If you’re a true Harry Potter fan, you will love it here! There are also gifts for all budgets.

The shop that must not be named opening times is;

  • Monday till Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

You can find it located on Shambles Street.

Harry Potter York, The shop that must not be named, Harry Potter merchandise

You will for sure get hungry when visiting all these Harry Potter locations in York. So, you should check out the best places to eat in York for some great restaurants to choose from!

3. Harry Potter Bar in York

Are you looking to visit the Harry Potter bar in York?

You will want to visit the amazing House of Trembling Madness. You can come here and enjoy a good ‘old’ classic British beer, or any drink of your choice.

There’s also hearty food sold if you want to try some classic British food, why don’t you try the Yorkshire puddings or platters sold here. The House of Trembling Madness is known for selling tasty, belly-filling food.

It’s located near the York Minster, so you can visit this popular tourist point in York whilst you’re there.

Harry potter york shop

4. Harry Potter Tour

The Harry Potter Tour in York is now increasingly becoming very popular, as you can imagine. This is every Harry Potter fans dream tour.

You will be taking on the steam train and whisked to some awesome Harry Potter filming locations. Some of these locations are hidden from the public and you can only see them by doing this tour. Also, you can get Muggle money to spend on Harry Potter merchandise. How cool is that?
You will start your journey from York and it will also finish in York.

If you want to book tickets for the Harry Potter tour, then I would act fast to avoid disappointment. There are limited dates available for this amazing tour.

You should check out this Harry Potter train in Scotland post!

buying tickets for the amazing Harry Potter York tour, York Harry potter

5. The Boy Wizard

This is another cool Harry Potter shop York that you will want to see on your visit to York.

Here you will be able to purchase more official Harry Potter merchandise. You can buy anything from Posters, outfits, keyrings and more.

It’s easy to find as it stands out like a sore thumb! It’s a big red shop that is located on the epic Shambles street.

the boy wizard york, york harry potter

6. Harry Potter Cafe York (Flax & Twine)

This is the Harry Potter cafe you want to visit!

Downstairs is the shop that sells all-sorts such as vintage goods and general merchandise for the garden etc.

Then, after you finish looking at all the gifts on offer, you can head upstairs to the cafe. Flax & Twine sell delicious food and snacks. You can either have afternoon tea or just nip in for a cake and a coffee.

For its location you would expect to be expensive, however, it’s fairly priced.

The Flax & Twin is located directly facing the shop that must not be named. So, you can nip in there for a new Harry Potter wand and then head into this awesome cafe.

7. York Rail Station

This quirky rail station is used to film parts of the Harry Potter films. Yes, that’s right, the Hogwarts Express doesn’t just depart from King’s Cross London Station each year on the 1st of September.

This is just another one of the places in York where Harry Potter is filmed.

If you watch the Philosopher’s Stone movie and look out for the railway station, you will notice the York Rail Station! Now you know, you can look out for it.

best things to do in york - york train museum

8. See the Shambles number 10 small resident

When you walk down the Shambles street, there is a small door under the potions and cauldron. This is easily missed so you’ll have to look out for out!

This adds to one of the coolest Harry Potter places to see in York!

When you go there make sure you look at for the Pixie that lives there…

9. Visit the Potions Cauldron

This is the place where wizards and witches hang out! The York potions cauldron is the place to visit if you want to learn how to make magic potions.

There are drinkable potions for all ages to try here. Once you drink them, you become magic.

Also, behind the potions cauldron shop, there is a secret sanctuary for you to learn more about the magic that goes on here!

potions cauldron york wizard, harry potter york

Where to stay in York?

There is plenty of accommodation in York for you to stay. Some of the hotels in York are amazing. There is plenty of cheap and luxury rooms available depending on what type of visit you’re on. If you are looking for a great location, there is plenty of places to stay in the centre of York (check out the best hotels in York).

York also offers places to stay that offer an overnight spa stay for your visit. I have done an overnight spa break in York and it was amazing. You can enjoy the spa treatment and then head off into the centre of York for food, drinks and all the best things to do in York.

Here is a list of my favourite place I stayed at and some other epic places to stay In York.

  • Premier Inn York – If you looking for a great hotel in York, then I recommend the York Premier Inn. There is a lush setting, based in a quiet area and the customer service is awesome. Check room prices
  • The Churchill Hotel in York – I stayed in the Churchill Hotel York and would like to share my experience at this central top hotel in York. A gift voucher allowed me a one night stay here. This hotel was a random pick to go with a gift voucher, it turned out to be a fantastic pick. The hotel is a British classic, themed on the great Winston Churchill. The Churchill hotel is in a great location to York’s centre, situated close to the outside of York’s historic walls. It took us around 6 minutes to walk from the hotel to the famous Shambles street, which is the centre of York more or less. I would highly recommend staying here on your visit to York. It’s in a perfect location, affordable and offers amazing service. Find a room
  • Another awesome place to stay in the York boutique house. See rooms
  • Riverside apartment York – The location is excellent and you can to walk into central York quite easily within 10-minutes. You can even find plenty of York’s attractions even closer, for example, the famous Castle museum of York is just around the corner of this top place to stay in York. Book a room
  • The fort boutique hostel – This epic accommodation is the first boutique hostel to be found in York. It can be found in the great location of the famous Stonegate. This is a perfect stay for a backpacker or tourist in York looking for a place to stay that offers WiFi, TVs, chillout room to meet other tourists and in a perfect location in the centre of York. Check out the rooms

Final Thoughts

Check out this cool YouTube video on York Harry Potter;

You need to see the York Harry Potter land if you’re a real fan! This place is amazing and one of the top destinations in the UK to visit! Take a walk down Diagon Alley and get some wizardry inspiration.

Remember to check out my York attractions post.

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