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Travel Photography Budget Photography Accessory Kit

Your guide to Travel Photography and my budget travel photography camera kit

Travel photography, a fast and expanding sector that provides you with amazing imagery from all corners of the world and Instagram springs to my mind when somebody mentions backpacking and photography.

Let me share with you a little about the travel photography industry and what I have bought to use as a budget camera accessory kit for backpacking.

If you’re new to photography, you can check out this beginner photography guide.

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Background of travel photography

Travel photography has took the last ten years by storm and it continues to grow providing amazing images for the global tourism industry, which is now worth over $1 trillion. We can see daily an ocean of travel photography being loaded to social media such as Instagram and Pinterest, so why is it this market continues to rocket upwards?

It is clear more and more people are taking the skies to new destinations and with this people want to know what they’re expecting to find, what are they’re going to see and can they put together a mind visual before landing at their destination (Well I do). Therefore, travel photography provides us with images of hotels, restaurants, events, attractions, landscape, wildlife and much much more. As we can see it is an exciting industry and luck for us, the sea of wonderful and useful imagery just keeps flooding on to our screens.


Amazing examples of travel photography skills

Okay so we know travel photography is a big deal to us, so let’s have a look at some amazing examples of travel photography from around the world.



travel photography Africa



A visit to Africa will hopefully give you a lucky chance of catching a shot like this, a camera shot of these majestic animals is truly something special. Breath taking sunsets and probably the most amazing wildlife in the world, it is now wonder Africa is a top spot for photographers,wildlife photos are a thing I really appreciate.






Travel Photography California




The beaches of California, the streets of California and the people of California, a photographer will never get bored here. A truly inspirational place that just reminds you of summer when ever someone mentions the world California.







travel photography canada


Home to Niagara falls, rocky mountains and national parks to remember, Canada is a place everyone should try and visit at least once in their life. I just picture a log cabin and a fire burning, surrounded by snow filled forests when I think of Canada. For the lands of the Canada it is clear why it provides a photography with truly great imagery.










Japan Travel Photography


This is a camera shot of Japan, Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples, which again is great playground for photographers.





Travel Photography

Just let me share with you I am not expert in travel photography. However, I do appreciate the industry and I am growing my knowledge and skills as you read this, I am sharing with you some great imagery and the travel photography as a quick overview.

If you see yourself as the next KEN KAMINESKY then chase your dream, but and it is a BIG but, you have to weigh up the hard work that will come with it. What I mean is, you can’t expect to take a flight to somewhere like the Maldives, take a few pictures and expect to get paid a fortune.

However, if you are ready for a wonderful life of imagery, new places and inspirational trips then GO for it! I am 🙂

Okay let me share with you a starter camera budget accessory kit.

budget travel photography camera accessory kit

Here is a few things I have bought for my travel adevntures and to hopefully grab some sweet shots.


travel photography accessory kitUSE FOR | Abstract shots, ever wonder how those solo backpackers get them great shots when no one is around? use this for an easy set up to grab them amazing pics.

Costing next to nothing, this allows you to take shots with a remote using your Iphone’s Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Camera pod for travel photography







waterproof-case for travel photographyUSE FOR | Underwater camera shots and general great photos.

Optrix have done a fantastic job of providing this case, the underwater case comes with 4 lenses;

  1. Wide camera (GO PRO) lens
  2. Telescopic x 2
  3. Normal camera lens

This is a great case to turn your phone into a Go-pro for a fraction on the price, a perfect alternative to action cameras and will probably even give you a better photo

Buy cheap Optrix case




There it is, 2 amazing budget accessory items for photography, they will give you great land and water shots for a budget price.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick run through of the travel photography industry and my tips on a few camera accessories for unique imagery.

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