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top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

See the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world in 2018

See the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world in 2018

Here are the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world, after my 7 visits of staying in a Disney hotel and visiting all this amazing theme parks again and again.


Visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom rides and more

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

This is the iconic fun and fantastic Walt Disney world theme park, with so much to do and see. Let’s start the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world list with one of my favourite theme parks in America.

  • The Magic kingdom castle (the famous magical castle, you must have a picture with this)
  • Adventure land (Fast pace area)
  • The sweet potato stands (The best sweet potatoes I have ever had)
  • The haunted house (try this family spooooky train ride
  • Splash mountain (one of my favourite rides, expect to get wet whilst having fun)
  • The Disney parades (These parades take the streets to provide all the family with great Disney entertainment)
  • The Disney shopping stores as you enter the park (lots of nice presents and very welcomed air conditioning)
  • The ice creams (Deluxe double chocolate ice creams mmmmm)
  • The shows (Lots of great shows throughout the day and into the night)
  • Tomorrow land (Fun for all the family)
  • Fantasy land (you need to visit here with so much fun stuff to do)

See Disney’s MGM studios rides and explosive shows

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

Fast action rides, explosive shows and quirky shows, this park contributes nicely to the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world.

  • The entrance stores (Same reason as the Magical Kingdom stores)
  • The street parades (Loud, fun and wild street parades for all the family)
  • The Walt Disney Show (take a seat and enjoy an insight into the history of Walt Disney
  • The famous studio tour (lights, camera and action..Must see show)
  • The scary tower of terror park ride (Imagine being high up in an elevator and it drops, well this is it)
  • The lightning fast Rock ‘n’ Rolla rollercoaster (WOW speed demons will love this super-fast rollercoaster
  • The edge of the seat stunt show (you will be on the edge of your seat for this one, it’s like being in a James Bond film)
  • The muppets 3D show (funny for all)
  • Indiana Jones stunt show (again a great show keeping you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails)

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

My favourite Disney water park, from pulling up in the car park you instantly get the chilled out vibe of this amazing water world. Here is my favourite water park on the top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world.

  • The mega surfer waves every few minutes in the main pool area (such a fun experience to try and stay on top of the wave)
  • The slides (Typhoon Lagoon has some crazy slides for all, including adrenalin junkies to small children)
  • Shark bay reef (yes reel shark that you can snorkel with, don’t worry they won’t bite, I don’t think)
  • Lazy river (a super lazy river that lets you float around the water park on top of an inflatable donut)
  • The man-made beach (there is a beach surrounding the main pool area with plenty of deck chairs and beds for you to lie back and enjoy the sun)
  • The ice cream parlour (There is a parlour that serves the best ice cream and it’s even tastier when you have been in the sun for a while)
  • The floor sprayers (this is just a basic water spray cooling the floor, but you wouldn’t believe how hot the floor gets in the sun)


Disney’s Epcot

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

Epcot is probably up there for one of my favourites as this Walt Disney World theme park has so much to offer its visitors. I enjoy doing the attractions but I equally enjoy just walking around truly great theme park

  • The view at the entrance as you walk in (Yes you will have seen the famous giant-sized golf ball on pictures somewhere)
  • The monorail (this is a great train riding high off the ground around the Walt Disney World theme park)
  • Spaceship earth (this is a sweet ride inside the giant golf ball, expect to be taken through time and learn about the history of the world)
  • Test Track (speed demons will love this one, ever wondered how cars get tested? You will sure find out on this fast action car ride)
  • Mission: Space (this one lets you feel what it’s like to visit space, without actually visiting)
  • The seas with Nemo and friends (See the fishes of the ocean, watch a dolphin show and just be inspired by this great aquarium)
  • The countries of the lake (Around the lake is different sections of each country and each one gives you a feel for their nation. For example, a shop a restaurant and maybe a national show, this is one of my favourite parts of the Walt Disney World theme park)
  • The night show (Epcot has an amazing earth show at night time with the best firework display you will ever see!)
  • The artists (I have actually this done, an artist can be found in numerous spots that will draw a cartoon character of you and they’re are brilliant)


Disney’s Blizzard Beach

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

Another epic water park on Wald Disney World and there is a reason why this park gets so many visitors.

  • The snow theme (the clue is in the name of the park and throughout the water world the blizzard theme is carried through)
  • Summit Plummet water slide (standing a 120ft up and riders reaching speed of up to 60mph, what else do I need to say….)
  • Lazy river (like Typhoon Lagoon, this park has a lazy river too, GREAAAAT)
  • Slides (as well as summit plummet, Blizzard beach has some top slides)
  • The main pool (constant little waves you can relax on with an inflatable)
  • The food (great food such as the cheeseburgers here, can be bought here)
  • The Blizzard Beach chairlift (this is a ski slope styled chair lift, taking riders up to the top peek to the highest slides)


Things to see on Disney’s Magic Kingdom and things to do

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

Like walking into the Lion King, if you find animals funny and brilliant like me then this is the theme park for you. You will be in ore in this magical land of animals..

  • Arriving (the entrance of Animal Kingdom is liking walking into Africa)
  • The lions (get close to these giant majestic cats)
  • The rhinos (truly cool but massive animals)
  • Monkeys (I can sit watching monkeys for hours)
  • The Lion King Show (one of the best shows in all the Walt Disney theme parks)
  • The food (You can get food related to Africa and obviously all-American cheeseburgers)
  • The Kilimanjaro rapids (take a walk on the wild side with these crazy rapids, expect to get wet)
  • Expedition Everest (A death defying rollercoaster, such a thrilling ride)


Disney’s Downtown Disney Best things to do

top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

To me you should visit here when the sun is going down to get a feel for the best atmosphere. I would recommend this for older teens and adults. However, I have loved Disney’s Downtown Disney since I was 9.

  • Disney Quest (the best arcade I have ever been too)
  • The hot air balloon (take a ride on this to see some of Disney’s great views
  • The bars (there are some great bars to pick up a fresh cocktail)
  • The shops (some quirky shops, such as a magic shop)
  • The food (lots of mouth-watering restaurants)

Your top 56 things to do on Walt Disney world

These are my favourite things on Walt Disney World’s theme parks.

Are some of these yours?

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