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Get Around South-Eastern Asia

4 Ways to Easily get Around South-Eastern Asia

Ways to Easily get Around South-Eastern Asia in 2022

Planning an adventure in South East Asia? We’ve got you! Depending on your budget and preferences, here are four means of getting around this culture-rich and exciting part of the world.

Do you have a thirst for low-budget adventure? Consider backpacking or interrailing through South East Asia. Or do you prefer private, personalized and luxurious air travel? Chartered private jets are recommended for you. Or, if you aren’t planning on travelling great distances on your trip, you might consider hiring a car with your family and taking in the scenery on Asia’s long dusty roads.

Feeling Adventurous? Try Backpacking Through South East Asia

Try Backpacking Through South East Asia

This is one for the young at heart, daring, and confident traveller. Want to see South East Asia on a budget? Happy to travel in crowded and rowdy public transport, eat street food, and live life a day at a time? Try backpacking through South East Asia. This will be an unforgettable adventure, rich with history, good food, and new friends.

Keep your plans flexible, and be spontaneous! You never know when you could fall in love with a place and want to stay longer or meet a cool new travel companion and fall in with their plans.

You will find cheap accommodation and food, as well as various budget-friendly ways to travel. You can hop on and off tuk-tuks or motor taxis for local rides, but remember to work out how much the trip should cost! It’s always wise to agree on a fixed price with taxi drivers before you get in the car, or ask that they use the meter. Negotiate prices with tuk-tuk drivers, as they are known to double the prices for tourists.

You can use buses to travel from city to city in South East Asia. They tend to be cheap and reliable and are the recommended mode of transport for backpackers travelling longer distances.

Ride the Rails: Train Travel Options

Interrailing is a great way to experience South East Asia, with a reasonably small budget. A lot of the trains won’t be luxurious but can offer spectacular views, fascinating history, and close-up looks into local towns and countryside.

It is recommended to book your train travel in advance, as they are more likely to fill up than buses and can be more expensive. Experience some incredible train journeys with breathtaking sights, such as Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, passing over the bridge at the River Kwai.

If Vietnam is part of your trip, take the Reunification train between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. This train travels on a historic track that was severed in 1954 when Vietnam was divided into North and South and resumed service in 1976 when the Vietnam war ended, hence the train’s name.

Organized group tours are another fun way of exploring South East Asia. This option is great if you enjoy travelling with lots of other people and with a thoroughly-planned and organized itinerary. This takes the responsibility of planning day trips, transport, and routes out of your hands.

Prefer Luxurious and Comfortable Air Travel?

Prefer Luxurious and Comfortable Air Travel

Charter a private jet and plan your South East Asian getaway in style. The luxurious benefits of this mode of transport include private, personalized service, spacious and incredibly comfortable seats, along with VIP airport lounges and treatment. Bespoke chartered flights are a fantastic means of travelling in South East Asia and will pick you up and drop you off at locations of your choosing. This incredibly convenient and comfortable experience will have you wondering how you ever travelled any other way.

You can pay for your private jet via cryptocurrency, wire transfer, or credit card, and ensure your trip is defined by quality, reliable service.

This efficient and premium aviation experience is a game-changer in luxury travel. With instant flight quotes and a highly-communicative team, you can start planning your private, personalized, and top-quality South East Asian adventure.

Family Road Tripping? Car Trips in South East Asia

Hire a car in the South East Asian country of your choice and hit the road! You won’t be able to cover the distances you could by flying or on a long bus or train journey, where you can spend nights sleeping while on the move. However, the road-trip option is a fun idea for families who are planning a trip to a specific area of South East Asia and want to do that one location thoroughly. Does your family love to spend time together, singing road trip songs, discovering roadside local foods, and being spontaneous?

From Cambodia’s Route 66, which leads to ancient ruins and temples, to Thailand’s Koh Samui “ring road”, which takes you right around the island, South East Asia is full of road-tripping potential. Like the backpacking option, it is best to stay flexible. You never know when you might need a break from driving, or what quirky accommodation you might happen upon.

The Adventure Starts Now!

Whether you are packing your backpack and comfiest walking shoes or you are preparing your suitcase and thinking about what drink to have first on your luxury jet, one thing is for sure: you can’t wait for your South East Asian adventure to begin! With these helpful tips, your dream vacation is within reach. Happy planning!

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