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Top 10 epic things to do in Amsterdam 2020

Top 10 epic things to do in Amsterdam in 2020

So, you maybe visiting this place for the first time or wanting to know more about Amsterdam sightseeing and places to see in Amsterdam. In the blog post you will find the top 10 things to do in Amsterdam. For me, I have just been for the first time, and I was not disappointed. Amsterdam is amazing, with its quirky, windy, busy and shop loaded streets.

The sites for a street photographer is second to none. I couldn’t believe how many bicycles there was in one place, man there was even multi-storey car parks for the bikes. If you step the wrong way without looking there is a good chance you will get hit off a cyclist, they’re everywhere.

Amsterdam sightseeing and places to see in Amsterdam

I was there for a few days (which I think is enough), over the days I learned about Amsterdam sightseeing and places to see in Amsterdam. Therefore, I am going to give you my top 4 things to do in Amsterdam. So, here goes:

1. Hiring a bicycle in Amsterdam

Price | Usually around 20 euros for the day

you’ve got to do this one! I had such a sweet time flying through the city on one of these. Also, if you feel nervous about riding a bike in a busy city then you’ve nothing to worry about in Amsterdam. They cater to cyclists I would say better than the motor vehicles. The cyclists have their own traffic system and even traffic lights that stop the cars and let the cyclists through. So, try this out for a fast and fun day.  See MoreBike Amsterdam

2. Visit Anne Frank’s house

Price | Usually around 20 euros for the day

Even if you’re not into your history I would still visit here. Furthermore, book your time slot (so no queuing). Then, when you visit you get an audio box to listen to whilst you walk around each every room of the house learning about the sad history from the not so long ago war. A truly inspirational visit! See More              ann frank

If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out the Amsterdam Marriott hotel review for one of the best hotels in this epic city.

3. Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Price | The tour is roughly €16, but, some of the boats may try to charge you €19 so be sure to shop around.

Learn, relax, take pics and even have a beer, what else do you want. This is a good one hour tour that takes you around the city of Amsterdam on a river boat. Also, there are audio explaining facts about Amsterdam that are both interesting and can be funny.  See More             amsterdam-canal-cruise

4. A’dam Lookout

Price | You pay around €22.50 for a ticket to the top of this tall tower

This is similar to London’s Shard. Expect you will be greeted by a classy bar and mega views over Amsterdam. Also, this has a rooftop swing that swings out over the edge of the building (not for those scared of heights). To get to the tower you have to get a FREE boat from Amsterdam’s central station. The boats are every ten minutes and only take five minutes to get across the water. See more                                             lookout-amsterdam

5. Catch a ferry to Amsterdam North

Price | Free

Amsterdam’s Centraal station is the centre train, bus and ferry station in Amsterdam. From here there is a free ferry available transporting you across to Amsterdam North. This is a great free service to enjoy a boat ride and check out things to do in Amsterdam North. The ferry can quite busy but you will always be able to get on, however don’t expect a seat.

things to do in Amsterdam

6. Try Beer tasting under Amsterdam’s windmills

Price | Around 7 Euros for cost of the pint of lager

Like a beer?

Enjoy a good atmosphere?

Visit one of Amsterdam’s great bars and enjoy a fresh cold one under the iconic windmills.

Simple as that!

See one the great bars

things to do in Amsterdam

You should also check out the awesome coffee shops in Amsterdam on your visit.

7. Visit Amserdam’s markets

Price | Free

Amsterdam offers a few markets dotted around the centre and if you get the chance go and visit the markets. The markets are just friendly locals looking to make a little extra money by offering you the chance to purchase unique gifts, either second hand and sometimes new. You can also pick up hot food if your feeling a little peckish.

things to do in Amsterdam markets

8. Visit the Vondelpark

Price | Free

Vondelpark is a joy of Amsterdam, with a great atmosphere, happy people and wonderful greenery. This is one of the best relaxing places to visit in Amsterdam.

You will notice people will be keeping active with brisk walking, cycling and running, It is good to hire one of the bikes and join in this active leisurely outing. This was one of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam

More on the markets

things to do in Amsterdam

9. Visit The Rijksmuseum

Price | Adults: € 17.50

This museum underwent a  €375 million renovation and was reopend by Queen Beatrix in 2013/2014. The museum displays a lot of fine art and history dating back to the years 1200 – 2000.  This is not one for everybody, but if you like art and history then this is one of the top things to do in Amsterdam.

things to do in Amsterdam

10. See The Artis Royal Zoo

Price | Adults €23.00 | 3-9  €19.50

Amsterdam’s royal Artis Zoo is a top attraction for everyone in the family, it is Holland’s oldest zoo and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Visitors are lucky enough to enjoy a zoological museum, planetarium, aquarium and the world’s only microscopic life exhibit. The zoo is a little out from the busy centre and is a good way to relax and enjoy the animals. The zoo is also surrounded by great scenery.

things to do in Amsterdam

So, there we go my favourite 10 things to do in Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of other things to do here, but, I would definitely give these a whirl as you wont be disappointed. As well, Amsterdam has some epic food to offer and they do make some real tasty churros covered in hot chocolate sauce.

Good luck on your trip and take in all this super quirky places in Amsterdam sightseeing and places to see in Amsterdam!

Getting around Amsterdam

Wondering the best way to get around Amsterdam?

You need an I Amsterdam city card!

Have a safe journey and explore it all 🙂

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