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Best Things To Do Nessebar

Nessebar Bulgaria on a budget in 2019

Bulgaria’s Nessebar on is a great holiday with things to do for all the family at a very low cost. If you’re like me you probably had the same thought when someone asks, is Bulgaria a place to visit for pleasure? But with Nessebar Bulgaria it is and in this post is a bunch of tips on things to do. Nessebar.

I visited there in 2017 just for a short week at Bulgaria’s Nessebar. Therefore, I will share the good, the bad and the ugly of Bulgaria. Which, should give you a little insight to this country before, maybe, your visit.

The Food in Bulgaria

Nessebar Bulgaria on a budget starting with the good, the food. You like food right? Well Bulgaria provides big, tasty and inexpensive food. I remember ordering a chicken, veg and potato main course and then what must of been a full cooked chicken came out… I wasn’t complaining though.

The Bulgarian traditional cuisine is a mix of vegetables, fruit and herbs. However, our hotel offered everything in a buffet form of dining (which was okay not great).

However, a piece of advice is if you are planning doing an all inclusive just be wary of paying over the odds for the service, because, the food in Bulgaria is very cheap and I mean cheap. You can pick up two starters, two mains and two drinks for around £15/$22, I know crazy right?! and this is every where, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Check out the awesome Bulgaria travel guide to inspire your trip to Bulgaria.

So, the point I am putting across here is why waste so much on all inclusive when you can get great table service and food for probably less money. The third night and every night after I dined out of the hotel and I was all-inclusive. Another thing, As I mentioned a little earlier the portion sizes are mahooooosive! You could get away with one main between two if you’re saving on the pennies and doing Bulgaria’s Nessebar on a budget.

A little Intel on the alcohol is that it’s not cheap! sorry to say. So, If you like to get funky on the liquor it may just cost you a little more than you expected. Also, I don’t know about other all-inclusive but the alcohol at mine was terrible. Another top tip though is the shops are cheaper than anything else for some of the alcohol so get yourself in there to save a little.

Nessebar to Sunny beach

It takes around 1 hour to walk from Nessebar to sunny beach, it took us around 45 minutes walking fast. Also, if you don’t want to walk there is a few other other options;

  • Public train (wheel train that drives through the streets)
  • Taxi
  • Bus

The best way is to take to sunny beach from Nessebar and then get the bus back. The bus from sunny beach to Nessebar takes about 15 minutes and does run quite late.

Check out the Google map below for directions;


Things to do Nessebar Bulgaria

Old Town

Visit the old town in Nessebar, its old, it’s quirky, you can feel the history there and it’s got plenty of markets, shops and restaurants. This is a stunning little place with its own little harbour. Also, there are some really cool restaurants there that you must dine at and watch the sun drop over the ocean (if you like views this is one for you). If you want awesome places to stay in Bulgaria, you should look into staying overnight at Rila Monastery on your travels.

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Nessebar Beach Front

walk the coastline, it’s long, great views, good atmosphere and a sweet way to spend the afternoon. Also, there is plenty of bars and cafes along the front for a fresh drink or a tasty snack. The most popular walk is probably sunny beach, this epic beach stretches far and you can trek for a few miles!

Also, there is a stretch that is a nudist beach, so if that’s your thing you can visit there 🙂

nessebar beach front, things to do in nessebar, things to do in old nessebar, things to do in bulgaria nessebar

Nessesbar’s Churches

Nessebar has enough churches for any religious man. But, they’re cool to visit and take in the architect. Also, its always good to get out walking so it is worth visiting these cool historic sites.

Being near the party area of Sunny beach, you wouldn’t expect to see epic churches like this. But, it just goes to show the diversity in the culture in the Nessebar area. From party to religion, there is something for everybody here.

Nessebar Bulgaria

Sunny Beach

This place has a reputation for a wild party place, it is to some degree. But, do not let that put you off it isnt all that bad. The food places there are brill and you get great value for your money, plus when the sun is going down it is a good atmosphere. The young guns don’t really start partying till later on, so, if you looking for a party go out later, if not, go out earlier, SIMPLE… Sunny Beach is a prime location for transport and the bus system is really cheap. But, watch yourself at night, read the next section why…

sunny-beach-nessebar-bulgaria, things to do in nessebar, things to do in old nessebar, things to do in bulgaria nessebar

At night areas around sunny beach are known to be occupied by cheeky, pick-pocketing thieves. So, at night if you are getting the bus back to your hotel just be wary of your valuables.

A prime location for the gypsies is the central bus station terminal, REMEMBER THIS!!

Visit the Old Windmill

This awesome tourist point in Nessebar is one of the coolest things to check out on your visit and it’s a sweet place for an Instagram photo!

Where is the windmill in Nessebar? You can find it on the bridge that connect the Nessebar old town to the new town. The bridge is located in a sweet place on the beach, so it’s a real sweet place to walk when to see the sunset over Nessebar.

the nessebar windmill

Where to stay?

There are plenty of places to stay in Nessebar, Bulgaria. The most popular places are the tall standing hotels in Bulgaria. Let’s have a look at the best places to stay;


Overall Nessebar Bulgaria is definitely worth a visit for a cheap holiday for, food, fun and sun.

Nessebar is a very historic but cool place, it almost feels like a western cowboy film when you walk through the village.

Bulgaria’s Nessebar on a budget is still a great holiday! if you have been would you agree?

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