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What clothes and items do I take backpacking

Choosing Which Lightweight Backpacking Gear To Take Travelling

This is a tricky one for anyone wanting to go travelling or even maybe just going on holiday.

“Ahhh can I take my Nikes?”

“Can she take that dress?”

“What about  laptop?”

Such a frustrating thought for what to take, but a good problem to have eh (make sure to check out super ultralight gear list)?

What Clothes to Take Backpacking

I think the first thing to look at when going backpacking is obviously the clothes you are going to take. I mean your backpack is going to be your portable wardrobe so, choosing the most sensible clothes is crucial. If you’re a girl you are going to struggle to take your fancy dresses or high heels. However, it is your backpack so you can take what you like. But, you’ve got to think with a traveling mindset.

My personal favourites if we break things down:


I love converse such an all-round sneaker, you can literally wear them for anything. Also, they can be 3 years old and you can throw them in a washer and they’ll come out looking brand new. For comfort and all-star solid sneaker I would definitely recommend these.


Both male and female need a pair of joggers on your journeys. There’s not a better when your on a plane than wearing nice baggy joggers. For example, a flight from the UK to Bangkok can be 15 hours+ so dam right you need something comfortable to lounge in! Also, shorts are shorts which you can’t really go wrong with. I remember picking a pair of shorts up in Thailand for around 100 Baht, which is like £2 sterling and they was pretty sweet shorts.


We all love a fresh t-shirt, but that t-shirt ain’t going to stay fresh for too long if you’re travelling! Getting flights, tuc-tucs and over night trains you can expect to be sweating out, especially if you’re in hot countries. So, aim for comfort mainly would be my advice. I love a relaxed baggy t-shirt or vest in hot countries. A relaxed vest on a hot Thai night is priceless.


take a padded coat to a hot country? Nooooo!

It may be cool at times and most definitely will probably rain but a big coat will take up crucial space in that backpack, right?! A light rain jacket will be fine.


  1. Girls toiletries
  2. Razors
  3. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  4. deodorant
  5. Camera
  6. Running trainers if you’re into fitness (nothing better than running in the sunshine to your favourite dance track)
  7. Sun cream (Crucial in hot countries)
  8. Maybe a hairbrush to keep that hair a little in tact after a day on the beach and swimming with the mermaids
  9. Shower gel (you never know where you are going to be staying)
  10. Bank card (obviously)
  11. For me its my music playlist, whether that be a Spotify playlist or even a maxed out iPod

Then there are the things like underwear etc..

Your probably wondering, where the hell do I do my washing, well, a lot of places now a days around the world do provide the facilities and dependant on location will most likely fairly cheap. However, in places such as Thailand, there is nothing wrong with scrubbing your clothes in a sink with some washing up powder and some old school elbow grease.

With these clothes and items for backpacking you should be good to go anywhere in the world with comfort, music and a camera for memories

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