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The Parc De La Yamaska Travel Guide!

Camping Parc De La Yamaska; A stunning National Parc

The Yamaska National Parc is a stunning part of Canada. The actual name of here is Parc De La Yamaska and it’s fair to say that if you like being outdoors, then you will love it here! You can explore the stunning valley or take part in some of the activities on off here. Or, what about staying overnight to experience the Yamaska National Parc camping.

If you enjoy being outdoors and getting involved in outdoor activites then you will love it here as there is plenty of top things to do in Yamaska National Parc.

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Where is the Yamaska National Parc?

The Parc National De La Yamaska is a provincial parc that’s on the epic Choiniere Reservoir. It’s located centrally between Montreal and Sherbrooke.

It is located in the municipalities of Roxton Pond and Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford in La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality, just northeast of Granby, Quebec.

You can also check out how to get from Montreal to Yamaska Parc here. The car journey will take you around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Things to do in Yamaska National Parc

1. Go for a hike around Yamaska

There is plenty of breathtaking trails in Yamaska National Parc for you to explore. This is one of the best ways to take in the amazing views at your own leisurely pace! Also, you will want to bring a camera along with you, there’s plenty of amazing photo opportunities on offer.

Make sure to plan out your walking route before you set off and always tell someone where you plan on hiking.

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2. Enjoy one of the Cycling routes

What an amazing place to enjoy some cycling. Yamaska is a cycler’s paradise! You will get to ride a bike around Reservoir Choiniere taking in the lush scenery and forest valley which is typical of the Appalachian Lowlands.

There is plenty of cycle routes in this National park. You can take the popular 19km route around the Réservoir Choinière and along the way, you can stop off at the many viewpoints along the route. It’s a brilliant cycling route.

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3. Take up kayaking for a few hours

Everybody loves kayaking, well I do anyway! And it’s hard not to enjoy Kayaking on the stunning Reservoir Choiniere. Yes, you can hire a kayak and take to the waters. This is an incredible way to see the National Park from a different perspective! Also, you will get to see plenty of wildlife and see fish flowing underneath your kayak. How cool is that ?!

Make sure you take a waterproof camera out with you on the lake!

4. Try swimming

Swimming in the Reservoir Choiniere is for sure one of the best things to do in Yamaska National Parc and those that have swum here would have to agree. Don’t worry if you’re not a great swimmer. You can get in the water at the supervised beach. There will be a lifeguard to make sure everyone is okay. However, there’s not always a lifeguard there. So, I would check with the visitor’s centre if you want to know the lifeguard’s schedule.

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5. Make sandcastles on the Yamaska beach

You should take the time to visit the Parc National De La Yamaska beach. The kids will thank you for letting them play on this epic beach on the edge of the Choinière reservoir. Furthermore, this beach is supervised by lifeguards so it gives you a little bit more time to relax. 
The beach is also a great way to cool down on those hot summer days! Just don’t forget to take your swimming gear with you.

6. Have a go at fishing

Do you want to test yourself against nature? Then why don’t you try your hand at fishing at Yamaska National Parc! The Choiniere Reservoir has plenty of species of fish to keep you busy for hours. There are small fish such as perch, then you will also find bigger fish like the carp.

If you want to enjoy some fishing in Yamaska National Parc, then you must have a Quebec fishing licence! Also, you will have to pay the entrance fee to enter the National Park. Furthermore, motorboats are not allowed for fishing and the Savage-mills sector launching ramp has set hours which is around 8 am till sunset in the high season.

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7. Rent and go pedal boating

One of the most fun things to do in Yamaska National Park is the pedal boating activity. You can rent an awesome pedal boat to explore the lake for hours.

Pedal boating can be quite tiring so I doubt you’ll be on the hours, but it’s something the family will enjoy.

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Camping at Yamaska National Parc

Fancy camping at Parc De La Yamaska? You can set up camp at one of the 147-site campground spaces.

What so brilliant about the Yamaska camping ground is that you will be near all of the National Park’s services and things to do.

There are different camping styles available. For example, you can stay at an electric powered site or stay somewhere a lot cheaper than just offers a toilet and a camping space.

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How about doing the Mont Yamaska hike

Yes, this is another hike to do that’s only a 36 minutes drive from the Yamaska National Parc.  The remarkable Mont Yamaska is part of the Monteregian Hills which is in Southern Quebec and it offers hikers a decent climb with a summit of roughly 410 metres tall.

Make sure to check out the Mont Yamaska weather before you visit so you have the best chance of doing the hiking trails on a clear day!

Final Thoughts

The whole Parc De La Yamaska is a stunning place, which is why it’s very popular amongst the locals and travellers coming to Canada.

In summer this place beautiful and even in winter people take the time out to visit here on a winter hike through the snow-covered Yamaska National Parc.

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