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bruce trail map, smokey hollow waterfall, smokey hollow

The Smokey Hollow Walking Route (EASY GUIDE)!!

Waterdown to Smokey Hollow trail route; An easy guide

If you enjoy the lush scenery and outdoor hikes, then you should embark on the Waterdown Trail to Smokey Hollow. This pleasant journey will take you on an undulating journey in which you will also get to see the beautiful Smokey Hollow waterfall.

You’ll probably already know that there are many amazing places to see in Canada and this is just one small example. Therefore, if you’re staying near Burlington, Ontario then make sure you check out this popular walk!

The actual Bruce Trail stretches for a colossal 524 mile from Niagra to Tobermory on Lake Huron. But the route we’re going to be going over in this blog post is the Smokey Hollow Trail Route which is roughly 15 Kilometres.

bruce trail map, smokey hollow waterfall, smokey hollow

Visiting the Waterfall

If you choose to do this walk then you can expect to see the unique 10-metre tall waterfall upon your trek. Just keep in mind that if it has been raining then expect some of the areas to be a little slippy!

If you want the best views of the falls, then there is an observation deck for you to watch the Smokey Hollow waterfall.

Around the waterfall is the typical lush area of the Bruce Trail and here you will be able to take some incredible photos and maybe get yourself a new Instagram photo. Also, it’s more than likely there will be other tourists and locals taking full advantage of the beautiful area with their cameras.

bruce trail map, smokey hollow waterfall, smokey hollow

The Bruce Trail Map to follow

Here is a Google map for the Bruce Trail Route. Use this to help you see what to expect from the trail.

Parking at the trail

There is free parking available for you. However, during peak season, spaces do tend to fill up fast on the car park. So, if you’re visiting in peak season, then I would get there for early morning to secure your place.

By the morning, I don’t mean daft o’clock. Just try and therefor roughly 8 am and the car park should be empty!

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Doing the Smokey Hollows hike

A great place to start the hike is from Kernclife Park which is on the outskirts of Burlington. Here you can embark on the Bruce Trail. From here you will follow the trail fro roughly 0.5 miles until you come to a point where you can choose from two trails.

I recommend you choose the White Blazes trail. This is an awesome route out and will give you spectacular views of Lake Ontario, Burlington Skyway, Dundas Valley and Hamilton. It’s amazing,

During the Smokey Hollow hike, you will have plenty of photo opportunities. Also, you will get to meet other hikers along the path and you will no undoubtedly meet plenty of dogs loving life on their daily walk. Although you should keep in mind, if you have got a dog, then he/she must be kept on a leash.

You can find plenty of logs and rocks to sit down on if you want a minute to relax and take in some water or snacks.

Also, on a Saturday morning, you can visit the Waterdown Village Farmer’s Market for some tasty treats and a great atmosphere. However, this is only open May through till October.

exploring the Bruce trail

Where to eat

You will find some good places to eat in Waterdown. Let’s have a look at some of the popular restaurants;

  • Lord Byron Steak and Seafood House
  • Harrington Lane Farms
  • BeanerMunkys
  • Copper Kettle CafeOr grab some drinks at West Avenue Cidery

Final thought

If you like being outdoors and going for hikes (like me) then you will love the Smokey Hollow trail route.

It’s an amazing place to stretch your legs and it’s not difficult so all the family can join in on this walk. Also, you will get the chance to see the mega waterfall. Then, when you’re feeling hungry, you can eat and drink at one of the restaurants or cafes in Waterdown

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