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Pai Nightlife, Bars and Nightclubs

Pai Nightlife For A Great Night and Somewhere To Eat

Pai, like its more famous cousin Chiang Mai to the north, is a backpacker haven known for good food, fun bars, and low-cost living. Among the hills of far northern Thailand lies the small town of Pai. You’ve likely never heard of it unless you’ve spent time in Northern Thailand. Travelers often end up in Pai after partying on Khao San Road in Bangkok (the world’s most famous backpacker enclave) or attending one of the famous festivals on the islands around Phuket. But now that you are here, what is there to do?

Pai has become a hotspot for budget backpackers, travelers, and anyone looking to party. From the moment you step off the street bus on your way to Pai, you hear music and enter an atmosphere of excitement. Now that you’re in Pai you have many choices when it comes to nightlife.

The nightlife is one of the best things to do in Pai on your trip man!

The Pai Bars

pai bars

Pai has a large number of bars. In reality, it appears that there are more bars than restaurants and guesthouses. Despite the fact that the city centre is very small, running through it and reaching each bar is a lot easier than you would think. Pai’s bar scene appears to vary from that of other backpacker hotspots like Bangkok’s Khao San Road or San Juan del Sur’s Calle Piedras — which don’t really have anything similar to “bars” — because there are numerous hostels and hotels in the region. When there aren’t any trips or tours going on in the city centre, this makes it easy for young backpackers to congregate and hang out.

Loving The Nightlife in Asia? Check out;

things to do pai

The most significant difference between these establishments is the type of clientele they attract. There are bars for senior citizens, bars with a diverse nightlife and entertainment, and bars that simply meet standards. Pai has a few exclusive bars where you can have a variety of different bar experiences.

List Of  Top Pai Bars

yellow sun bar Pai

#1 Jikko Bar

The bartenders are extremely friendly. In Pai, this is a great place to hang out with friends and meet the locals. Live it to the fullest!

#2 Almost famous bar

Pai’s best bar and drinks!! Without a doubt, the best mojitos and gin and tonics in Pai. And for a reasonable price of 100-200 baht! Unlike other pubs, where you’ll be served gut-rotting ‘distilled white spirit,’ they use high-quality white rum and gin. There are several different flavours to choose from. Classic (of course), lime and chilli, and pomegranate are among our favourites (a sweet one). Pin and Shadow are fantastic! There are no farangs allowed, there are no truth bombs about hippy smells, and there are no demands, btch. Pai’s finest bar.

#3 Yellow Sun Bar

The Yellow Sun Bar was one of the stops on our unintentional travellers bar crawl in Pai. It was completely packed when we arrived (around 12pm), with travellers and vacationers enjoying themselves while surrounded by cheap drinks.

#4 Spirit Bar

We’d heard of Spirit Bar but had yet to see it. We were walking down the street when we came across an Englishman who worked there and told us where it was. It’s behind a different bar, and despite the fact that we knew it was behind that bar, a front-bar employee tried to persuade us that they were a spirit bar! The drinks were inexpensive and delicious, and the bartenders were entertaining and welcoming. It has a hippie feel to it, which we don’t mind, and it has minimal seating. There’s also a handmade jewellery shop with some interesting pieces. I will strongly suggest it! A lovely bar that is tucked away!

How About The Pai Nightclubs?

Pai nightclubs and bars

Pai has a few places where you can have a nice time. Pai, on the other hand, is not the place to go if you’re looking for anything more than an open-air club or bar. Some hotels hold their own parties, but they rarely begin before 10 p.m. and are often cancelled. Sala Lupita and Don’t Cry Bar, which play energetic music and feature DJs late into the night, are the epicentres of Pai’s nightlife.

Places To Eat In Pai

No guide to Pai would be complete without a listing of all the places where you can eat. Pai is full of small family run restaurants and cheap food stalls that serve basic but delicious Thai cuisine. But there are also a number of more up-market restaurants with decent pizzas, pasta dishes, seafood and steak on offer as well.

Lanterns, boats, elephants, and palm trees – you’ll see plenty of those around Pai. With a steady flow of backpackers coming to town in search of both river and mountain adventures, there’s more than enough on offer to keep everyone occupied. When the day trippers go home to watch Netflix again, there are three great choices for dinner – each with their own menus and prices (including the cheapest restaurant in the world), but sitting alongside each other along one side of the main road.

Pai Party Festivals

The Thaitanium Festival is by far the biggest and most popular festival in Pai. It’s basically an all-night, three-day rave complete with lasers, lights and fire performers (the real show stopper). You can boogie to electro house on Friday at the main stage (which is a grandiose statement in this town), then rock out until the red sun rises over the mountains on Saturday.

Top Tips For A Nightout In Pai

Here is a few key things to think about;

  • Always make sure to not have your valuables left around on tables. The last thing you want is to have your phone or iPod stolen!
  • Keep safe and try to go out with a friend or someone you have met and trust. It’s a lot more fun with a friend anyway, right?!
  • Make sure to have a card and cash. Some of the street vendors will ask for cash when buying drinks or food.
  • Remember the Thailand rules! Listen to them and follow what the police say, you don’t want to be caught up being drunk and acting daft now do you!

Pai Hotels

Looking for the best hotels in Pai? Check out where to stay Pai on your visit to Northern Thailand.

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