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Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel and price guide

Visiting The Blue Lagoon Iceland and Hotel!

Blue Lagoon Iceland: Bask In Nature’s Wonder With Modern Amenities

If you’re looking to visit one of the top tourist attractions in Iceland, you simply cannot miss the Blue Lagoon. Dipping in the hot waters of Blue Lagoon Iceland is truly an amazing experience. You’ll be revelling in a marvellously therapeutic and relaxing wonder of nature while being surrounded by a beautiful landscape. 

How To Get To Blue Lagoon Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is located only 15 kilometers (10 mi) away from the Keflavik International Airport. It’s wonderfully therapeutic to douse and dunk about in this geothermal spa. If you have arrived on a transatlantic flight, it’ll be sure to alleviate your jet lag. Or else, it could be a rejuvenating deed before you leave the country. 

What’s so fantastic about this wonder of nature is that it replenishes the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. By all means, soak your stress away! It’s even more splendid because the Blue Lagoon has been developed with modern facilities, particularly a wellness complex that include a flowing warm waterfall, saunas and in-water massages and treatments using natural skin care products made from the lagoon. 

What Are The Modern Amenities Of Blue Lagoon Iceland?

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For one thing, they have an Exclusive Changing Lounge. A boutique is also set on the site, along with conference facilities, a snack shop, and the LAVA Restaurant that offers fresh Icelandic cuisine that have been prepared by brilliant chefs.

What Is The History Of The Blue Lagoon?

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You might be wondering if this scenic spot is natural or man-made. How was it formed and why is its colour spectacularly milky blue? What makes the Blue Lagoon special?

It could be surprising to know that the Blue Lagoon was not created by a natural phenomenon. Although Iceland is lavished with natural hot springs, you cannot say that the Blue Lagoon is one of them. 

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland dates back to the year 1976 where it came into being beside the geothermal power plant. A surfeit of water from the power plant created the lagoon when workers were boring for hot water and steam. With the runoff filtering straight into the lagoon, the water is then heated. 

Weird as it may seem, but not to worry because the Blue Lagoon is a completely safe and anodyne environmental mishap. No chemicals have been fused into it and its water is absolutely clean. It contains only natural minerals that are guaranteed to be entirely good for the skin of its bathers.

When Did People Start Bathing In The Blue Lagoon?

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It was in 1981 when people started bathing in the lagoon. Who was the first person who tried to do it? His name was Valur Margeirsson, and at that time he was suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis. The locals weren’t actually sure about this feat, so Valur asked for consent from the chairman of the plant and did a go to dipping in the lagoon. It was not long after when the guy found out that the water, together with the algae in it could do wonders for the condition of his skin. Valur was actually the first one to give the geothermal pool its name of “Blue Lagoon”, and from that time on, it stuck.

In 1987, or six years later, the earliest bathing facilities of the place opened to the public. During that time, the lagoon and its features were used mostly by visitors who had skin problems.

With Iceland brimming with swimming pools and a plethora of natural hot springs, locals, with their superb bathing culture, started to flock into the Blue Lagoon. Although it is situated in the countryside, it is conveniently not that far from the city of Reykjavic.

Is Water In The Blue Lagoon Hot Or Cold?

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The waters in the lagoon are warm, and it is rich in minerals such as sulphur and silica. It’s an exceedingly rejuvenating experience to bathe in it. On the average, its temperature is 37 to 39°C or 99 to 102°F.

Are There Restaurants In Blue Lagoon Iceland?

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Yes, there are drinking and eating amenities on this fantastic tourist spot, and they are as listed below:

  • The Blue Lagoon Bar. You can enjoy your drink while dipping in the lagoon because this bar has been designed to be accessible even when you are inside it. They serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You have a wide option for a refresher in this bar, and it includes sodas, smoothies, cider, beer and wine. However, you are limited to drink only a maximum of 3 alcoholic drinks when swimming.
  • The LAVA Restaurant. This indeed is a top-notch restaurant that is marvellously built upon an 800-year old lava cliff. You can find this restaurant at the west bank of the lagoon. Prior to or after bathing, it would be fantastic to drop by this restaurant. Lunches and family dinners are likewise served there.
  • Moss Restaurant. The 2019 Michelin Guide has recommended this restaurant which is sited at the highest point of the Blue Lagoon. Being so, it offers a splendid vista of the volcanic horizon.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Blue Lagoon In Iceland?

By all means, it’s every season! In the morning, the atmosphere is at its calmest, and the crowd is at the least during this time. It’s at the end of the day when the site is rather full, especially as there is no limit as to how long one can stay there. The best time to visit the Blue Lagoon is however on the night time where you can have a fabulous time basking under the Midnight Sun come summertime, and the Northern Lights during winter.

Staying at the Blue Lagoon Hotel

You can also book a stay at the Blue Lagoon hotel.

Check Room Availability

There’s also plenty of other top hotels and places to stay in Reykjavic on your visit.

What is the Blue Lagoon Standard Ticket Cost?

There are four different tickets to choose from to enter the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. For the Standard Ticket, you pay 5.400 isk; the Comfort Ticket 7.400 isk, Premium Ticket at 9.500 isk and the Luxury Ticket costs 53.000 isk.

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