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Best Bali Swing Spots

10 Best Bali Swing 2024

Best Bali Swing for your Next Visit

Bali is an island where you may enjoy a variety of activities, such as swinging in the park while taking in the gorgeous vistas. It should definitely be on your Bali bucket list.

If you want to feel the freedom and pleasure of swinging far above the woods, here is the place to go.

Get a burst of excitement, remarkable experiences, and one-of-a-kind photos. Imagine swinging and floating over beautiful green woods, rice fields, river valleys, breathtaking cliff views, and more.

10 Best Bali Swing Spots

Best Bali Swing Spots

Bali is regarded as one of the most distinctive and fascinating Indonesian islands, leaving visitors wanting more. Swings are the newest and most popular new tourism activity in Bali. Swing away and fly high over the breathtaking scenery for an exhilarating swing experience like no other. Check out these 10 Bali swing spots!

1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing

This is by far the most popular destination to swing in Bali and one of the country’s top Instagram destinations, yet it’s only 20 minutes from Ubud. This means it is touristic, more pricey (about $35 per person), and busy. However, it is genuinely amazing and, in our opinion, well worth the money.

Do yourself a favour and get there early. There are 15 different swings to pick from, each with a different height and view. If you don’t feel like swinging but still want that ideal Instagram shot, there are lots of alternative possibilities here. Human-sized hanging nests are a fantastic option, especially if you enjoy pretending to be a gigantic bird.

Other attractions include the Butterfly Garden, Helicopter, Heart-shaped Rock, and Huge Stone, all of which offer spectacular views of the valley, canyon, and waterfall.

2. Ubud Swing at Zen Hideaway

Ubud Swing at Zen Hideaway

One of the first swings in Bali is believed to be here. It used to be open to the general public, but now it’s only available to guests or at specific periods during the day.

This means you have a strong excuse to stay at Bali Zen Hideaway, even if it’s simply to see one of the most incredible swings you’ll ever see.

The waterfalls, Ayung River, Mount Agung, and rice fields can all be seen from the swing.

Of course, the scenery and the renowned site alone are reasons to visit. If you want a bit more flexibility, there are plenty of other options available.

The bulk of travellers visits Zen Hideaway only for the famous and iconic swing, which is perfectly acceptable.

The good thing is that Zen Hideaway isn’t too distant from Ubud’s centre area. This means you can make a fast trip there and then go on with the rest of your day. Taking Instagram photographs is simple and quick.

After that, I highly recommend seeing the Ubud Monkey Forest.

3. Uma Pakel Swing

Uma Pakel Swing

The Uma Pakel Swing is located in the Tegalalang rice terraces area in Ubud, Bali. When you book the edge swing, you’ll get a photo opportunity inside a hummingbird’s nest after your swing trip. A bamboo-made edge rises above the nests, providing a bird’s eye perspective of the Tegallang Rice Terraces.

You will get the opportunity to roam through the local coffee, vanilla, fruits, spices, and clove plantations in addition to enjoying the swing. You may also sample seven different varieties of tea and coffee for free.

4. Alas Harum Swing

Alas Harum Swing

Visit Alas Harum, a well-known agro-tourism region on Jl. There are plenty of enjoyable activities to select from here. Enjoy a coffee experience where you can learn how to make Luwak coffee, as well as other thrilling outdoor activities like zip-lining, swings, and the newest addition, sky riding. The beautiful scenery surrounding Alas Harum adds to the enjoyment of participating in these outdoor sports.

Three tiers of amazing swings are available at Alas Harum. Extreme Swing has a swing that reaches a height of around 15 meters above the ground. Couple Swing: This swing is somewhat higher than the extreme swing and can lift two people side by side. It stands around 20 meters from the ground. The Super Extreme Swing is the tallest swing at roughly 25 meters.

5. Aloha Ubud Swing

Aloha Ubud Swing

Aloha Ubud Themed Park is another fantastic agro-tourism site featuring the nicest swings in the Tegalalang region. The park, which is only 5 kilometres from Ubud’s Arjuna Statue, has five tiers of swings ranging from 10 to 60 meters above the ground.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of rice farms and the Ubud jungle in the distance. A large bird’s nest is also available for ‘selfies’ and ‘wefies’ in the park. Definitely an Instagram-worthy hit! After your exhilarating swing ride, visit Aloha Ubud’s coffee farm for a complimentary cup of coffee or tea.

6. Tegalalang Rice Terrace Bali Swing

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Bali Swing

Tegalalang Swings in Bali, as the name implies, are suspended above lush terraced rice fields, providing stunning views from above. In Tegalalang, there are two swings, one at a lower height and the other slightly higher.

Tegalalang is one of Bali’s most renowned picture sites, despite not being as high as the swing in Bali swing park. A large nest is also available for viewing the sights.

The highest swing requires a little hike, whereas the other is conveniently located right off the Tegalalang village road.

If you’re looking for some excitement, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces Swing is a great choice, but it’s definitely not for you if you’re terrified of heights.

7. Wanagiri Hills Hidden Swing

Wanagiri Hills Hidden Swing

This amazing swing in Bali, located on the peak of Wanagiri near Munduk, should definitely be on your bucket list when you visit. This is the third most renowned swing in Bali, behind the official Bali Swing and Tegalalang.

Aside from the panoramic vistas, the Wanagiri swings offer wonderful picture opportunities overlooking the lovely Buyan Lake and Lake Tamblingan. There are a few swings located around the park that provide diverse stunning views.

There are also a number of Instagram-worthy nests put up, including a big bird’s nest, wooden teacups, the bow of a boat, wooden stars, and a lovely treehouse, all of which are available for resting and taking photographs. Arrive early to escape the crowds and take in the tranquil scenery.

8. Terrace River Pool Swings

Terrace River Pool Swings

If you’re already planning on visiting Tegalalang’s swings (which you should, by the way), a stop at Terrace River Pool Swings is a no-brainer. It isn’t as popular or packed as Tegalalang, but that only means you can brag about being the first to arrive. You’ll be ready to post your next Instagram with 15 various swings to pick from, including a tandem swing for the lovebirds in the room.

9. Swing in Love at Bas De Atanaya

Swing in Love at Bas De Atanaya

This swing is identical to many others in the region, but you’ll truly fall (or swing) in love at Bas De Atanaya. Swing through a huge heart-shaped frame to get the ideal #ilovebali photo. Fun fact: this location has been open since 2001 and was Bali’s first agritourism destination. Historic and lovely?!

10. Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

Finally, we’ll head to the Blangsinga Waterfall Swing, which is home to not just one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, but also a magnificent swing.

The waterfall is about 25 meters long and runs gently into the Petanu River, giving it an ideal area to meditate, relax, and take in the beauty of the city. You’ll constantly be surrounded by the songs of very unusual birds due to the serene atmosphere.


That’s it, everyone! Ten amazing locations that will help you and your Instagram reach new heights. And if you think these locations are appealing, wait till you discover what more Bali has to offer. Let me give you a taste: picture gorgeous beaches, historic temples, morning yoga, and new human and monkey companions at every step.

Whether you’re a photographer, Instagram fanatic, adamantly anti-Instagram, or on a social media break, Bali swings are ideal for everyone, regardless of whether or not the photos will be shared.

They provide a very unique experience that you will not find anyplace else. Take a vacation to one of these magnificent sites; you will not be disappointed.

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