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How To Travel From Da nang to Hoi An

How To Travel From Da nang to Hoi An?

Looking for the best way to get from Da Nang To Hoi An to see places link An Bang Beach?

Feeling like you’ve run out of options when you think of places to go? Forget Ha Long Bay and Sapa – it’s time to discover Hoi An. The unique, charming town has been voted the top place to visit in Vietnam again and again by travellers from around the globe.

Hoi An is a wonderful destination in Vietnam and is sometimes referred to as ‘Little Hoi An’, which is located 18 km south of Da Nang, the country’s largest city. Its origins go back to the 15th century when Chinese and Japanese traders settled there. Today, the town retains its old world charm and despite being a popular tourist destination has remained largely unspoiled by mass tourism.

Unlike most of the country, which is popular for its nightlife, Hoi An is a charming little town that’s more about looking at cows than clubbing. Its lanes are lined with traditional Japanese-inspired architecture of red-tiled roofs and terracotta walls; its alleyways filled with unique boutiques selling everything from pottery to local handcrafted goods.

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Da Nang to Hoi An Private car

If you want to travel faster and more comfortably, the best way to go is by taking a private car. You can get a driver  that will pick you up at your hotel lobby, drive you straight to Da Nang airport, drop you off at Hoi An Ancient Town before sunset – all in one piece. Starting from VND $300,000 (USD $15.00) per day for 4-seat car, we are confident in saying that our private car service is the best value for money compared to any other option available.

Hoi An Express offers you the professional service to get from Da Nang airport, Da Nang beach to Hoi An. A private car is up to 4 paxs and is comfortable, fast, convenient and safe. This car can stop anywhere you want on your way. Please contact us to plan your trip. We strive to make your holiday enjoyable and stress-free by customizing the most cost-effective service at a low price.

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Get to Hoi An By Grab Taxi

danang to hoi an taxi

Hailing a GrabTaxi is as easy as hailing a regular taxi. Just open the app and plug in your pick up location and destination. Choose the type of vehicle you want (motorbike, 4-seater car, 7-seater car, or shared car) then book. The GPS-enabled tracking system will alert you when your taxi is nearby, so there’s no waiting outside in the heat or rain.

Grab is an easy way to go from A to B in all of Vietnam (and now in over 300 cities across Southeast Asia). A car can pick you up within minutes. To order, unlock the app, enter your location and destination, choose a vehicle type, and tap “Request”. It’s that simple.

Hailing a GrabTaxi in Da Nang couldn’t be easier, with all of the technology you need to get from A to B in hand. Whether you’re travelling around town or across the country, we’re always at your fingertips.

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How About Getting The Public Bus?

getting the train from Hue to Da Nang and seeing the amazing scenery

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get from Da Nang to Hoi An. To save yourself a bit of money and have convenient options, take bus number 1 between the two cities. For just 25,000 Vietnam Dong you can ride this bus up until 6:00 pm every 20 minutes from 5:30 am.

The name of the company is Da Nang Hoi An Express to ensure that you get on the right bus. Multiple buses are available throughout the day from Da Nang Station or Hoi An Station and they depart every 20 minutes, starting from 5:30 a.m. and ending at 6:00 p.m.

The travel distance between Da Nang and Hoi An is approximately 65 km (approx. 40 miles). The direct bus line (numbered 1) departs from the bus station in Hoi An and takes an hour to arrive in Da Nang, while taking only 40 minutes in traveling on the road.

Hoi An From Da Nang Taxi

The airport to Hoi An taxi trip will take approximately 45 minutes and costs around $8. Taxis are readily available (generally, a taxi is waiting outside of the airport. All taxis at the airport display a tariff sheet listing all fares to all destinations in and out of Da Nang). The fare from Da Nang airport to any location in Hoi An will cost you around $8 including tolls.

Taxis, locally known as Xe Om (Motorbike Taxi), are plentiful at Da Nang International Airport. The taxi drivers are reasonable and cheap. They take the passengers to their destination as long as they get the address written in Vietnamese or English. Be careful when boarding a taxi after arriving at Da Nang Airport.

Be aware!

The taxi drivers will often quote prices that are much higher than the normal price in order to attract your attention.

What about doing the motorbike ride?

Renting a motorbike is probably the best way to get around in Vietnam. No other mode of transportation offers such freedom and flexibility. Be sure to wear a helmet, as they are compulsory at all times!

Hoi An is the most charming and preserved of Vietnam’s ancient towns. A great place to begin your tour of Vietnam is by motorbike. Rent a Russian Minsk or Chinese second hand bike for the afternoon for under USD $10, then putter around Hoi An’s Old Town taking in the sights. Allow for USD $60 per day with a discount for longer term rentals (more than one week.

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