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Best Bali Golf Courses

Best Bali Golf Courses 2022

Best Bali Golf Courses

The pristine gem of Southeast Asia located in Indonesia is known for being the Land of Thousand Pura (Temples), the Island of the Gods, and the Land of the Last Paradise.

Truly indeed, Bali is a paradise for those seeking peace of mind, relaxation, and pleasure. Bali offers mesmerising beaches and green fields of a country club and prepares to double bogey on the Island of the Gods.

An Ultimate Guide to Golf Courses in Bali

Before heading to the main point of the narrative, you may want to walk through the guide to playing golf in Bali so you can scout the place first before actually going there.

As we all know, surpassing the triple bogey is the main reason why a golfer is pleased and the feel of the Sun in a tropical country.

Because Bali is located in Southeast Asia and is known for its tropical weather, the atmosphere of blue skies, cool breeze, and warm embrace of the Sun is ideal for some birdies-in-the-hole kind of vacation, because who doesn’t love birdies?

Before actually playing the gold in Bali, you may be interested in travelling there. Because knowing these should give you an advantage for your stay in Bali.

Why is Bali Ideal for Golfers?

Golf is an outdoor sport, and of course, the player wouldn’t want to be soaked in the rain while enjoying the game.

Additionally, greens perfectly thrive because of the warm weather, making the place suitable for a scenic view with vivid greens. There is no perfect place to play golf than in Bali.

Moreover, it is undeniable that gold is one of the luxurious sports. That being said, Bali can directly provide golf players with their lavish needs, such as five-star accommodation and fine dining restaurants.

Ideal Time to Play Bali Golf

In order to maximise the 18 full holes, one should ensure that the weather is almost perfect so that none could literally rain on your parade. That being said, you may want to guarantee a sunny day to play golf on the Island of the Gods.

Since Bali golf courses are purposely located near mountains and or cliff sides to give you the best views and finest ambience, you should still note that Bali’s wet seasons are from November to March.

During these months, Bali might experience subtle rains in between, not necessarily heavy rains, but the rain could still affect your visibility during your play.

Pro tip: Since most golf players prefer to play during the dry season, Country Clubs might still offer discounted prices to attract golfers during the wet seasons. You may want to take advantage of these promos and enjoy your course time.

With all of the basic information you need to know about golfing in Bali, you are now equipped to spot the best places to play golf in Bali:

Golfing in Bali: Five Best Places to Golf in the Last Paradise

Now that all things are said and done, here are the some of the fascinating golf courses and country clubs you can find in the tropical paradise of Bali:

1. Bali National Golf Club

Bali National Golf Club

Situated in the Maj Hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali National Golf Club is just a twenty-minute drive if you’re coming from the International Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali National Golf Club has an almost perfect location since Nusa Dua is considered luxurious from its grand shopping malls and fine dining restaurants.

Holes one to nine are surrounded by green vegetation, creeks, canyons, and tropical wildlife, and there isn’t a dull moment in Bali National Gold Club indeed.

On the other hand, holes 10 to 16 follow green fairways through a mature grove, creating a satisfying intermediate play. Lastly, holes 17 and 18 are located beside a lake, making the course challenging for any golfer.


  • €300 per night and head.
  • €80 per person in 18 holes with inclusions of a Two-Tee start, private caddy, and shared golf cart.

2. Bali Handara Golf & Resort

Bali Handara Golf & Resort

The picturesque golf courses of Bali Handara Golf & Resort may give you nostalgia, and it is quite reasonable because this golf and resort club is Bali’s oldest golf course.

This 18-hole golf course boasts its location, as it is situated in a crater in the middle of Lake Buyan and Lake Beratan. Additionally, it is also the only country club stationed in the refreshing highlands of Buleleng Regency, making the country club perfect for golfers who have a keen eye for mountain backdrops.


  • €40 – Starting price for a night’s stay.
  • €50 and €150 per head – Price range with a day in the course.

3. Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club

Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club

If you’re looking for a first-class country club, then Bukit Pandawa Golf Club is the place for you since this place is considered to be golfing exclusive.

Located beside the Indian Ocean in the Bukit peninsula, you can feel the sea breeze embracing you while you play.  Enjoy their amenities such as:

  • Two beach clubs,
  • An infinity pool,
  • A fine-dining restaurant,
  • An arts centre, and
  • 18 championship par-3 holes.


  • €75 – for a day in the course
  • €100 – minimum range if staying for the night.

4. Bali Beach Golf Resort

Bali Beach Golf Resort

Even though Bali Beach Golf Resort is known for being Bali’s smallest golf course, they still offer complete facilities, including a golf course, bar & club; channel your inner competitive spirit at in-house mini competitions and enjoy the pristine Bali Beach!

Of course, lush green fields should be present, giving the guests a cosy but welcoming feel for tourists.


  • €75 – for nine holes
  • €100 – for eighteen holes
  • €30 – starting price for Golf lessons.

5. New Kuta Golf Course

New Kuta Golf Course

Also located beside the Indian Ocean, New Kuta Golf Club has definitely the edge over its majestic and scenic view. Aside from the Indian Ocean, you can also oversee Pantai Balangan and Dreamland Beach to complete the cool sea breeze feel.

This 18-hole golf course adheres to the international standard, not only to world-class golf courses but also to great amenities such as restaurants and spas.


  • €50 – 18-hole course per person
  • €170 – minimum price start for packages including spa.

6. Bali Beach Golf Club

Bali Beach Golf Club

If you happen to look for Bali’s best golf courses, you may want to experience golf within stunning scenery in this 9-hole golf course and driving range. Do not let the stunning locations astound you because there are yet to be mesmerised like its famous beaches and golfer’s lounge,

Indulge in the exciting game yet luxurious golfing experience as you play in lush tropical gardens giving you an unforgettable golfing experience.

You can also hire a personal butler so you can enjoy a convenient golfing experience.


  • €11 – 9-holes
  • €14 – 18-holes

Key Takeaway

To experience one kind of golf as you have never been before, try and indulge in a mountain golf course, excellent golf courses at sea level, and a private country club atmosphere on Bali’s tropical yet refreshing island.

Whether you’re coming from Ngurah Rai International Airport or Bali International Airport, you won’t find it hard to locate great golf courses in Bali, as the putting greens will lead you right where your heart belongs.

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