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Da Nang was on our travels of the typical backpacker’s South to North route of Vietnam. After we checked into our home stay we wanted to find some things to do in Da Nang and we quickly found the Marble Moutnains in Vietnam is one of the top attractions in Da Nang! You can explore the different areas and the Marble Mountain caves, which are really cool. This one of Vietnam’s top places to see like the Vin Pearland and the Hang Mua cave in Ninh Binh.

After plenty of Google research we decided the Marble mountain and monkey mountain was number one on our hit-list. However, we noticed we had to pay, more out of our budget and these was quite expensive. Ahhh well you have to pay to see these things when your backpacking. We didn’t pay.

marble mountains, marble mountains vietnam, marble mountains da nang, marble mountains danang, the marble mountains, marble mountains (vietnam), marble mountains vietnam map

When we was doing the research discovered it was $30+ a person for a tour of the marble mountain, which is a ridiculous price I think after visiting. This is why in this post I want to tell you about Da Nang’s epic Marble Mountain, the high climbing monkey mountain and why you should be visiting both for very cheap.

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How to get to the Marble Moutnains?

The attraction is easy to get too and there is a lot of local transportatin in Da Nang that heads that way.

Moreover, it is located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam and are easy to get tofrom the centre of Da Nang. Therefore, you DO NOT need to pay for a Marble Mountain tour bus as you can make your own way there!

Check out the Google Map below for the exact location:

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Marble Mountains Entrance Fee

When you arrive you have two options either get an elevator up or use the stairs both cost:

  • Elevator: 50,000 Dong
  • Stairs: 40,000 Dong

Like I said we found out they do tours for $30+ per person, but we went with our gut instinct and created our own tour. Therefore, we hired a scooter off are homestay, $4 for 24 hours and it came with gas.  Then we made our 20 minute journey to the Marble Mountains.

marble mountains, marble mountains vietnam, marble mountains da nang, marble mountains danang, the marble mountains, marble mountains (vietnam), marble mountains vietnam map

Marble Mountain Da Nang dress code

I heard there is a certain dress code that you should wear when you visit the Da Nang Mountains, however, there is no certain dress code that you need to wear.

I would wear something comfortable as it gets very hot at the top of the mountains, the heat was unbearable for a lot of the tourists!

Some of the locals did wear clothing that showed respect to the religious shrines in the caves, I think this is because they was there to pray. Just be respectful if people are praying and try not to get in there ways taking photos of the caves.

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Monkey Mountain Da Nang

The Monkey Mountain is the other epic place to visit in Da Nang. If you’re reading this post from Da Nang, you will probably already seen the big white statue of the lady.

The Monkey Mountain White Lady Statue is a unique tourist point that gets very busy during the da. You will be able to take some awesome selfies with the statue and it overlooks Da Nang so it’s a good viewpoint!

There is plenty of parking at the Monkey Mountain, so if you have your own scooter you will be able to leave it in the carpark and explore the mountain.

Check out this cool YouTube video of the mountain, credit to the guys for filming:


Vietnam Marble Mountains Review

The stunning marble mountains are a cluster of high hills, dark caves, marble stone, temples and believe me when I say plenty of steps. It is also truth that bullet holes can be found engraved into the caves from where the Vietnamese soldiers used to spy on the American beach resting troops during the tragic war.

Because the Marble mountains are situated on the coast you can see amazing views including the sands of My Khe beach. We climbed to the highest point and the views are stunning. However, be ready to sweat as the temperatures reach crazy heat up there! Take plenty of water, there is stalls that sell water but at double the price you would normally pay.

We decided to be lazy that day and use the elevator as we was a little sore from the gym the day before. We wish we hadn’t though because at the end we realised there isn’t that many steps, o well we know for next time.

marble mountains, marble mountains vietnam, marble mountains da nang, marble mountains danang, the marble mountains, marble mountains (vietnam), marble mountains vietnam map

When we stepped out of the elevator, we put on our exploration hats and made for the temples, caves and high points. 

We had fun and was surprised how unique the temples actually are, I mean they have electric inside that light up the praying areas like Christmas lights light up the New York stores in December.

The marble on the mountains are cool and unique, I was more interested in the caves and found them more fun. Furthermore, the temples are sweet and personally I found them great for cooling down from the beating days of the sun.

After a few hours we made our exit and dam we was pleased we got there early as there was people everywhere by this time rushing around to take pictures, probably for Instagram because the Chinese had their best dresses and pouting faces on. It pisses me off when there are too many people and the have no consideration for your personal space or experience. 

Things to know about the Da Nang Marble Mountains

Here is a list of useful tips for visiting the Monkey Mountains and the other mountains:

  • It’s very hot and you should take adequate water up, you just need to stay hydrated man there’s nothing worse than being thirsty in 34 degree heat.
  • Wear appropriate footwear, don’t be one of those that wears high heels for an Instagram picture. The rockery can be sloppy in places and don’t forget you have to climb more steps than there are to heaven.
  • Do not pay the prices for a tour, you don’t need to. Hire a scooter or get a taxi as it’s not that far and you you will still save money! 
  • At the bottom there are plenty of cafes offering for you to park your scooter, I say offer what I mean is they scream “here here”. Get a drink and they will let you park there for free.
  • After 10am the mountains flood with ignorant tourists looking to take pics and will have no considerations about pushing you out of the way and nobody can be arsed with that on a hot day.

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Vietnam’s Marble Mountain Travel Guide final thoughts – The mountains are amazing to see and there is plenty of heat and sweat involved, but it’s all worth it or the views you get! Remember don’t pay for a tour guide make your own little adventure and save some money. In my eyes the tours are a rip off way of making money for the locals.

Hope you enjoy you journey.


  1. This looks amazing, I’d love to go to Vietnam and the Marble Mountains sound like an excellent place to visit. I’m so glad you managed to dodge the pricey fees though, it’s ridiculous how much all that kind of thing adds up to!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. The marble mountains are amazing and Vietnam is crazy I love it. I feel sorry for the people that get stung with these hefty prices. I’m heading to Hanoi tomorrow to do a 2 night cruise of Halong Bay and a few other areas, that should be sweet x

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