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Things To Do in Halifax

Things To Do in Halifax in Canada – 2020

4 Things To Do in Halifax in Autumn

Halifax, Canada is a wonderful city located on the tiny province of Nova Scotia, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a large city and an economic centre of Eastern Canada, as well as the Nova Scotian capital. And in this piece, we’re submitting that it’s also a perfect choice for anyone looking or an autumn getaway. Some may say it’s one of the best places to see in Canada on your travels!

Here are some specific ideas for things to do in the fall in Halifax.

Things To Do in Halifax

1 – Bundle Up for An Autumn Walk

It’s a lovely season for a walk outside in or around Haliax, though we’d recommend heading to McNabs Island for a particularly pretty stroll. You’ll get to see the beach (though it’ll be too chilly to swim, of course), and the fall leaves are beautiful all around the island. You can even walk by the historic Fort Ives and some historic homes if you’d like to blend nature and culture. And for those interested, the island also offers some great opportunities for bird watchers.

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2 – Casino Nova Scotia

Numerous online casino sites in Canada have come to dominate the country’s gaming industry to a large extent. There are still some excellent in-person casinos here and there throughout Canada though, and while they don’t offer the same variety online casinos provide, they still make for awesome attractions. At Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax – which is right on the water, incidentally, and quite picturesque – you can dress up, enjoy dinner and a drink, and sometimes catch a performance. And that’s without even considering the slots, poker, and table games on offer. All in all it’s an ideal option for an autumn evening, because as the weather cools off after sundown, you’ll essentially have a full night of entertainment and refreshment in one spot.

3 – Check Out A Museum

If the weather gets too cold during the day, as can sometimes happen in Nova Scotia in autumn, you can duck into a number of interesting indoor museums. For starters, check out the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where you can find portraits by Joshua Reynolds and Robert Field, along with some Inuit art. At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, meanwhile, you’ll hear all kinds of stories of the sea, including some from the Titanic. You can also check out the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, The Discovery Center, the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, and the Museum of Natural History, all of which have great learning opportunities and fun interactive exhibits.

On the other hand, if you get a perfect fall day, the outdoor museum at the Halifax Citadel is also a great stop. At this attraction, you can be a soldier for a day, right down to getting fitted with a historical uniform and learning things like how to fire an old rifle or beat a drum. If that’s not your speed, you might also head to Fisherman’s Cove, another sort of outdoor museum that simulates an old fishing village.

4 – Try A Pub Crawl

There’s nothing better than bursting into a warm public house after feeling your nose and your toes get cold outside. Visiting some of the pubs in Halifax is a great way to spend the evening, especially if you’ve been outside sightseeing in the autumn. Try the Celtic Corner Public House in Dartmouth and Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub in Halifax to begin with. There’s also Stayner’s Wharf and The Seahorse Tavern, which are also great places to grab a pint and enjoy a cozy local vibe. For a more touristy approach to beer, you can also take a tour of Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery.

Autumn in Canada is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy slower crowds and comfortable attractions. Spend some time in Halifax exploring all the capital city has to offer, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with your autumn escape!

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