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Taman Sari Night Market

Taman Sari Night Market

Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring Taman Sari Night Market

As someone who loves to travel, I’m always on the lookout for unique and memorable experiences that allow me to immerse myself in different cultures. 

And when it comes to exploring Bali, one of my favorite destinations is the Taman Sari Night Market in Seminyak.

For anyone looking to experience the authentic side of Bali, this market is an absolute must-visit

From exotic foods and local handicrafts to traditional music and dance performances, there’s something for everyone here.


The Taman Sari Night Market is located in Jalan Tangkuban Perahu No.1, Kerobokan, Badung. 

It’s easily accessible to both tourists and locals. With a lively atmosphere surrounded by local shops, cafes, and restaurants, it’s the perfect spot to experience the authentic side of Bali.

Taman Sari Night Market

Best Time To Visit

The Taman Sari Night Market is open daily from 5 am to midnight, offering plenty of time for exploration.

If you’re an early bird, visiting during the morning hours can be a great way to beat the crowds and have first dibs on the freshest produce and handmade goods. 

However, if you prefer a more bustling atmosphere, the market tends to be at its busiest during the late evening hours.

And take note, many only accept cash. So be sure to withdraw some Indonesian Rupiah before heading out to the market so you don’t miss out on any must-haves.

How To Get There

Getting to Taman Sari Night Market in Seminyak from other parts of Bali is relatively easy and affordable.

  • Walking or taking a short taxi ride from Seminyak is the easiest option to reach the Taman Sari Night Market.
  • Motorbike rentals:  start at $ 5 per day
  • Car rentals: start at around $ 15 per day.
  • From Kuta or Legian: taxi ride costs around $5-7
  • From Ubud: taxi ride costs approximately $25-30.
  • Scooter taxi services such as “Gojek” or “Grab” are affordable options for short-distance trips.

Make sure you’ve got the address of the market and let your driver or delivery dude know where to go, no matter how you plan to get there.

Exploring Taman Sari Market

As a backpacker on a budget, I was thrilled to discover Taman Sari Night Market during my stay in Seminyak. 

It was a refreshing change from the area’s high-end boutiques and fancy restaurants. I couldn’t believe the variety of fresh tropical fruits at such low prices. 

I spent a dollar on a full bag of juicy mangoes and mangosteens, and they were the perfect snack to take back to my place.

Getting to the market was easy enough. I took a 15-minute transfer from Seminyak’s main Petitenget hub.

Getting to Taman Sari Night Market

The market is located near the southwestern corner of the Petitenget and Kerobokan junction. It has a street-side facade lined with colourful fruit displays, making it impossible to miss. 

I enjoyed bargaining with the vendors, especially at the front-row fruit stalls selling by the kilogram. I was able to score some great deals by negotiating hard. 

Inside the main building, I found stalls selling daily local necessities, and it was an excellent opportunity to pick up some souvenirs for my friends back home.

As the sun set, the market took on a vibrant local night market scene. I had to try the delicious meatball soup called bakso and the grilled chicken satay, which were incredibly cheap and tasty. 

My time at Taman Sari Night Market was freaking awesome. It was such a rad experience that I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to shop and eat local in Seminyak without going bankrupt.

Nearby Hotels

Casananta Seminyak

If you’re planning to explore Taman Sari Night Market, staying at a nearby hotel can be a great option to fully immerse yourself in the local experience.

Here are some of the options:

  • Casananta Seminyak
  • Seminyak Garden
  • L Hotel Seminyak

Nearby Restaurants

Warung Dewa

The market is surrounded by a variety of restaurants offering both local and international cuisine as well.

Here are some of the options:

  • Warung Yuti [Asian, Indonesian]
  • Warung Dewa [Chinese, Seafood, Fastfood]
  • Warung Sedap [Asian, Indonesian]

Nearby Attractions

Batu Belig Beach

As someone who loves exploring new places, I highly recommend checking out the nearby attractions near Taman Sari Night Market. 

  • Pura Petitenget Temple
  • Batu Belig Beach
  • Potato Head Beach Club

By staying close to Taman Sari Market, you’ll have easy access to these and other nearby attractions, making your visit to Seminyak even more memorable.

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