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Complete Guide: Holidays with Children in Cyprus

Holidays with Children in Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination to visit with the kids. The island has stunning natural beauty, beaches, water sports, water parks, zoo, offers carnival fun, camel park, ranch, and a pirate boat, which the kids are going to love. The cities of Paphos, Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol, and many others offer plenty of attractions for the kids and the entire family. You can easily reach your hotel from the airport, as the distances are small.

You can also move with a stroller easily, in case you are visiting with a small child. Many cities have promenades along the coast. Many beaches have easy access and sun loungers with umbrellas.

Holidays with Children in Cyprus

The holiday season in Cyprus from May to October. You will find the best temperature in May-June and then again in September-October. It will be pleasant. The sea water will be around 23 ° C in early June. It stays warm until October. The evenings, however, can be cool, so your child should wear warm clothing.

Why You Should Visit Cyprus with Children

Holidays with Children in Cyprus
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  • Gentle beaches and clean sea – Most Cyprus beaches are good for children. They are family beaches with clean water, gentle slopes, shallow depth, and there are no riptides. The infrastructure is developed. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets and lifeguards.
  • Friendly attitude towards children – You will get a highchair in many taverns and cafes. Sometimes, there is also a playground. In many places, your child may also get a balloon or car to play with.
  • Parks and playgrounds – They are mostly in the big cities and resort areas. You will also find them in hotels, villas, and some taverns too.
  • Entertainment – Cyprus offers a lot of entertainment opportunities for both the kids and their parents. There are water parks, the luna carnival park, zoos, an aquarium, camel park, bird park, donkey park, and more.
  • Move with a stroller easily – You can move with a stroller easily. There are promenades along the coastline for walking. Many beaches are wheelchair accessible. You can easily reach up to the sun loungers.

Top 5 Places to Stay with a Child in Cyprus

  1. Protaras – This resort area is in the southeast of the island. This is a great area for a holiday with children. You will find gentle beaches with turquoise water, well-developed infrastructure, and a calm family-friendly ambience.

The beach areas are good almost everywhere for families with a baby. But it will still be better to stay within the resort area. Parents with kids will appreciate the calm and friendly ambience of Protaras. Adjust yourself with the unhurried rhythm of the resort. Protaras is perfect for a relaxing holiday and to deepen the family bond. Spend some quality time together.

          2. Ayia Napa – Close to Protaras, Ayia Napa is a party destination that attracts many young tourists. However, if you visit during the spring and fall, you will find Napa relatively quiet. The weather will also be nice. You can relax with your child on the beach without being afraid of the crowds, go on a day-trip to see the attractions, and have plenty of rest.

Good beaches for families with children in Ayia Napa: Makronissos, Landa, Vatia Gonia, Pernera, Pantachou, Glyki Nero.

           3. Larnaca – Larnaca is also a wonderful option for families with children. It is a big city with many restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and shops. So you will easily find food, diapers, medicines, whatever you need. The city has an international airport, so you don’t have to travel a lot. The city also has good beaches. There are only a few pebbles. Most of them are sandy beaches.

You will find many holiday villas for rent in Larnaca and elsewhere on the island. The villa will be only for your family for the duration of your stay. It is a secured and private property where your child can roam and run around safely.

           4. Paphos – UNESCO World Heritage Paphos on the western coast is also a wonderful choice for families with children. The city has developed infrastructure, large shops, and it is close to the airport. Older kids will love the Paphos seafront where there are many cafes and restaurants. You can go on a sailing trip together.

The beaches, however, are both sandy and rocky. Many beaches are not good for swimming. Also, in some parts of the city, the beaches are concrete. There are many other attractions in Paphos for children, like the Aphrodite Waterpark, horse riding at the Eagle Mountain Ranch, George’s Fun Bus, the Looney Land playground, and the zoo.

            5. Coral Bay – A wonderful crescent-shaped beach north of Paphos. It has an excellent sandy beach and developed resort infrastructure. The Mediterranean Sea is clean and safe for swimming. The beach slides down gently into the water. It is shallow here so even the kids can swim safely. You can relax on the beach for hours and let the children run around. It is absolutely safe.

Why You Should Stay in a Villa with Children

You will find all types of accommodation options in Cyprus – hotels, resorts, apartments, and luxury villas. If you are traveling with children, then a private villa will always be the safest option.

It’s a secured compound. You can relax while your children can run and play. Many villas in Cyprus have a games room. There are big lawns, gardens, slides, and other games. The entire property will be yours so you don’t have to share anything with people you don’t know. You will also find highchairs and cots. Some villas even have rooms especially for the kids with bunk beds. The chef can prepare a meal as per your directions. So your kids can have healthy food, unlike what you get at hotels.

What You May Need When Traveling with a Child

  • Availability of extra cot, if relevant for age
  • Highchairs for meals
  • Babysitting services
  • Shallow end at the pool or a separate children’s swimming pool
  • Playground, games for the kids
  • Clean bedrooms and premises, maintained regularly
  • Security
  • Chef, who can prepare child-friendly meals
  • Close to tourist attractions, beach

Always read the reviews before you make your booking. Pay particular attention to the reviews posted by parents vacationing with children.

Travel Insurance for a Big Family

Planning a family vacation with young children you are probably worrying  about what could possibly go wrong. When planning a big family trip make sure everybody is covered, even the smallest members of your family. A reliable travel insurance provider can guarantee your peace of mind and save your money in unexpected situations. Your policy needs to provide 24/7 assistance, emergency evacuation and pays for emergency medical costs. Don’t forget about COVID-19 coverage that is the must nowadays

Big family trip requires big spending. This, however, is not the case. A smart approach will help you to save your budget. If you plan two or more trips within a year consider Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance that works cheaper. This policy gives you freedom to move your plans and bookings during 12 months, covering individual trip durations up to 120 days. Choose annual policy with a broad range of protections that covers children for free and enjoy your adventures.

Carriage/Stroller Rules and Cost of the Flight

Each airline company has their own rules regarding this. But the general rules are as follows. You will get more detailed information from the carrier you are planning to take to visit Cyprus.

Ticketing policies and fare depends on the age.

Up to 2 years old (infant) – Your child can fly without a separate seat (on the lap of a parent). In this case, your baby will either fly free or for a small fee. However, if you have more than one child (one under 2 years of age), then you need to buy a separate ticket for the other. In this case, you will have to pay the same price you pay for children between 2 and 12 years of age.

Luggage: Most airlines allow a stroller or bassinet to be carried free of charge. You can also carry a small bag with clothing for children, diapers, and food free or at very low charge.

2-12 years’ old – You will have to purchase a separate seat. However, you may get a discount, depending on the pricing policy of the airline.

Children over 12 years’ old – Same fare as adult passengers.

Car Rental for Traveling with Children

The rules are very clear about how you should travel with kids in a moving car.

  • Up to 135 cm – Children must be in a special chair/booster depending on weight
  • 135 cm to 150 cm – Such children can sit only in the back seats
  • Over 150 cm – They can sit both in the back and the front seat.

Children must always wear a seat belt no matter where they are sitting.

The cost of renting a car cradle, car seat, and boosters depend on the pricing policy of a particular rental company and the season. The average rental price is from 0-5 € per day or 0-20 € for the entire rental period.

Websites Where You Can Rent a Car in Cyprus

Myrentacar – The best car rental site in Cyprus. They have many cars because they aggregate from many small local companies. The support service is excellent. You will also find many positive reviews.

EconomyBookings – This is also good. But they work mostly with large and international car rental agencies.

Always select a car with an automatic transmission. Remember, Cyprus has left-hand traffic, so the cars are right-hand drive. You may find it difficult to change the gear. Also, make sure that the car has air-conditioning. It will be difficult to travel with children when it gets hot.

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