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This is the ultimate hawaii itinerary for a dream vacation

The utlimate 2 week Hawaii itinerary!

The Ultimate Hawaii Itinerary For 2 Week!

Are you ready for the ultimate dream holiday in Hawaii? You need to check out all this top travel info included in this Hawaii itinerary!

From soaring volcanoes and spectacular sunsets to palm-fringed lagoons, Hawaii is a treasure trove of flora, fauna and fun. Big cities fringe lush rainforests and beach bars serve up Mai Tais and Hula – what more could you want?

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Where is Hawaii?

Technically Hawaii is actually a state of the United States of America and consists 137 Islands over 1500 miles – impressive right! But when we think of “Hawaii” we’re talking about six major islands to visit in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii. 

Located in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, about 3,200 kilometres from the coast of the Continental United States, Hawaii is continuingly growing year by year due to Kilauea Volcano- but how? When the Volcano erupts sending hot Lava into the path of the Pacific Ocean, this lava solidifies and turns into rock creating extra land. See you learn something new every day! 

Best time to visit Hawaii?

There’s never a bad time to visit Hawaii, but certain months come with bonuses. 

If you’re a sun seeker, the best time to visit Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. During these months the average temp reaches around 30 degrees, perfect for topping up those tans on the crystal clear beaches. 

November to March are the rainiest months, but don’t let this put you off making holiday plans. The weather in Hawaii is the very localised meaning if it’s raining where you currently are, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find a dry spot somewhere. And good news too, temperatures rarely change throughout the year so you’ll never be cold! 

June through November is hurricane season –  sound scary? Don’t worry, big storms are rare. Only four hurricanes have directly hit the main Hawaiian Islands during the last 60 years – doesn’t seem that many rights? But why? Well, Hawaii seems to be somewhat immune to hurricanes, which some belief is due to Hawaii’s tall volcanic peaks slowing down or diverting such storms. Just make sure to check before travel if there’s a hurricane predicted in the area. 

If you’re looking for great surf spots, head to Hawaii during the winter months, especially on the north shore beaches, be careful if you’re an inexperienced surfer as currents can often be strong – watch out for beach flags which will advise on the danger level. 

How long to spend on your Hawaii itinerary?

If it’s your first time to Hawaii, it is safe to assume that you will want to stay for longer than just a quick weekend getaway – especially if your travelling from afar to get used to the time difference. 

 Does it also depend on what you want to get out of your vacation? Are you planning on visiting more than one islands? Do you want to take part in lots of tours? Are you wanting time to relax and sunbathe?

I’d recommend at least two weeks to fully appreciate what the island or islands (if you’re looking to do a little exploring) have to offer and this is the time frame the majority of people can take out work without having to ask for special leave. 

Is Hawaii Expensive?

Obviously you want to get the most out of your dream Hawaii itinerary, so let’s have a look at how much typical Hawaii holiday costs.

How much money will you need on your once in a lifetime Hawaii trip? Well, it all depends on you’re spending habits whilst vacation. On average an individual will spend $1800 per week, but this will vary depending on how many places you visit, whether you share transport, tours booked, food eaten, etc – you get the picture right. 

Hawaii can be expensive – Paradise does come at a price! But here are a few tips for all you budget travellers out there;

  • Travel during low season (November)
  • Opt for a mid-scale hotel – You’ll be out most of the day exploring so why spend a fortune on a fancy hotel when you’re never going to be there! 
  • Take part in free activities – Hit the beach or take a hike
  • Eat like a local – A great way to explore the vibrant culture 
  • Use public transport where possible 

How to get around Hawaii?

Most international flights to Hawaii pass through Honolulu – Hawaii’s much-loved Capital. Once you’re in the state, air travel is the most common and easiest way to travel between islands.

It is typically cheapest to plan a “triangle route” if you’re planning to visit more than one island. This means you arrive and depart from different islands. There are many scheduled flights between islands and it is usually possible to buy tickets a day or two in advance, although prices may be significantly higher – so I always recommend to plan ahead. 

There are charter boats that travel between some islands as well. This is particularly true in the Maui-Molokai-Lanai area, but crossing the channels between islands can be very rough so pack you’re seasickness tablets! 

On the island of Oahu, you’ll find decent public transportation, although this isn’t the case with the other islands, which offer very limited public transport. They are very rural and a rental car is advised. For the best prices, make a reservation as soon as possible, as the rate per day goes down the longer you rent the car. 

Best places to visit on a Hawaii Itinerary 2 week

You may be thinking why plan an itinerary? It’s all about being spontaneous right? Not always.  If you have a travel itinerary, you can estimate the cost of your travel beforehand. Knowing how much you are going to spend makes it easier to plan your budget. By knowing where you’re going and when it’s also easier and faster to travel from one point to another. An itinerary will also help you prioritize your favourite attractions, so you do not miss what you want to see!! 

Are you ready for an action-packed 2-week adventure? 

DAY 1 – Day 3 = Arrive in Honolulu (Oahu) 

The wait finally over your trip of a lifetime to Hawaii has arrived. 

You’re more than likely going to fly into Honolulu – Hawaii’s largest airport hub.  I’d advise finding a nice hotel nearby to recharge those batteries after a gruelling flight. However, if you just can’t wait to get out and start exploring then check out the best things to do in Honolulu.

Best things to do in Honolulu

  1. Hike up Diamond Head State 

This 2-hour hike will reward you with impressive views overlooking Waikiki. This is the perfect activity if you’re on a budget as it’s totally free, expect to spend a few dollars on a well earned cold coconut at the base of the mountain. 

Check out the Koko Head Hike in Hawaii.

Hawaii 5 day itinerary

  1. Pay your respects at Pearl Harbour National Removal 

No trip to Hawaii is complete without a trip to the 184-foot memorial honouring the 2,388 Americans who died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It can be a solemn experience to be there standing above the battleship Arizona where hundreds of soldiers and sailors were killed after being entombed in the shi[, but it is a real eye-opener as to what happened back in the terrible year of 1941.

You can check out the top things to do in Oahu to have an awesome time!

  1. Spend the day at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

A perfect place for a bit of snorkelling. They charge $7.50 a person, which is well worth it for the sights you’ll see. First, you watch a video and then either walk or take the tram down to the bay. You can bring in food and beverages too. And don’t worry if you’ve not got any snorkelling gear you can rent it there. 

Oahu will be one of the best places on your Hawaii itinerary, and one you will remember forever!

DAY 3-6 = Fly to Kauai

Next stop Kauai – any outdoor lovers dream. After a quick 40 minute flight, you’ll land at Lihue Airport located SouthEast of the Island. 

Best things to do in Kauai

  1. Helicopter tour 

Why not start your Kauai adventure by taking a helicopter ride over the island as most tour operators are located at the airport. Enjoy stunning views overlooking beaches, waterfalls, canyons and much more. It’s not a cheap experience, but worth it for the once in a lifetime experience. 

hawaiia 10 days

  1. Take a trip to Poipu Beach

If you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see turtles and monk seals – maybe even swim alongside them! Although don’t touch them, they’re protected by federal law!  Just be prepared as the beach can get overcrowded especially during peak time, although I’m not surprised – it’s not one to be missed! So get there early. 

You’ll love my post on the best things to do in Waikiki 😀

hawaii holidays

  1. Hike  

Kauai is any hikers dream as there’s an abundance of natural wonders just waiting for you to explore. Hike the rain forest of Kokee, the bogs of the Alakai swamp and the hanging valleys of the Napali Coast. Kauai offers hundreds of trail choices for every level of experience.

Day 6-9 = The Big Island 

Yep, you guessed it right, ‘The Big Island’ is the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands and is most famous for its pristine beaches, active volcanoes and stargazing and best of all, only a quick non-stop flight from Kauai. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the best things to do in The Big Island – be sure to check them out!

  1. Visit Volcano National Park 

Visiting Volcano National Park is a must-do on the big island. The Visitor’s Center provides background information and guidance about what to see. The volcano is still active and has multiple steam vents coming out of the site as well as the whole crater – but don’t worry, you’re in safe hands! Unfortunately, the lava tubes are closed because of the eruption in 2018, but will reopen soon so what this space!

  1. Manini’owali Beach 

Listen up all you beach lovers out there. This awesome beach features a big shore break that can create tall waves favoured by experienced bodysurfers, but if you prefer to stay onshore, don’t worry, there’s plenty of space to chill out and soak up some sun. It’s easy to access and there are shower facilities to fresh up, but bring your beverages as there’s no shop around. A dream beach for any Hawaii vacation!

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  1. Akaka Falls State Park

If you are in Hilo, Akaka Falls is a must-see. The short hike to the falls is paved and relatively easy to get to, making it perfect for little ones to and best of all the entrance fee is only $1. Just beautiful!

DAY 9- 13 = Maui 

Your final destination takes you to the natural beauty that is Maui, only a short flight away from The Big Island. 

  1. Take on the Hana Highway 

The Hana Highway is a 64.4-mile-long stretch of Hawaii Routes 36 and 360 which connects Kahului to the town of Hana. This road trip is well worth the zigs and zags along the way!  There are so many beautiful places to stop and enjoy the natural beauty at your leisure. If you make it to Hana, you are rewarded with a black sand beach experience that should not be missed! There’s also plenty of huts along the way to stock up on road trips supplies selling coconuts, ice cream and fresh fruit. 

  1. Whale Watching 

Book a whale-watching excursion and enjoy a guided adventure in a high-speed catamaran to watch the humpback whales in their natural habitat. Seasonal tours are available only from mid-December until mid-April so if you’re lucky enough to be in Hawaii at this time get it booked! 

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  1. Molokini Crater

If you’re a fan of snorkelling then a day trip to the stunning Molokini Crater need to be on top of your bucket list. The water is super clear, with visibility of up to 150ft, there’s lots of coral and vibrant coloured fish – id recommends taking a go pro to capture it all! You may even be lucky enough to see mantas and shark puppy dogs, and to top it off for the thrill-seekers out there, enjoy a 300 foot drop off on the back wall! Sounds impressive right! 

hawaii itinerary 10 days+

DAY 14 – Leave Hawaii

And that’s a wrap! It’s time to go home and share your amazing trip with all our friends and family and start to plan your next one. You’ll be hooked on Hawaii for life. 

Top 7  travel tips for any trip to Hawaii 

Here’s a list of tips for visiting Hawaii;

  1. Learn the lingo – Aloha is more than just a greeting, although it is often used to say hello and goodbye. It can also express love and regards, as well as meaning the ‘aloha spirit’ by which Hawaiian islanders live.
  2. Make sure you pack mosquito repellent and a pack a mac – you’ll thank me later.
  3. Some islands have more than one airport. Keep this in mind when booking your flight, hotel, and car hire
  4. Be respectful – A lot of the land is sacred, treat it as such 
  5. Hitting the road on your Hawaii vacation? Learn the basics of driver safety before you buckle in.
  6. Much of the land across Hawaii’s islands is government-owned, which means there’s plenty of space that’s open to the public. On top of that, a law decrees that anything below the highest wave line (that is, the line where the sand becomes wet on a beach) is public, making all beaches free and open to everyone. 
  7. There are many myths that will likely be dispelled on your first trip to Hawaii, but the presence of island time is not one of them. Things move slowly here, so you’ll need to check your attitude and hasty ways at the airport entry gate, which shouldn’t be too hard since you’re on vacation. This especially applies to drive, as locals tend to move at a more leisurely speed. Relax, don’t honk your horn, and take in the landscapes.

5 places to eat in Hawaii

Here are some great restaurants in Hawaii:

  • The Pig & the Lady (Chinatown)
  • Eggs ‘n Things (Waikiki)
  • California Pizza Kitchen (Waikiki)
  • Lucky Belly (Chinatown)
  • Panda Express (Waikiki)

 Final Thoughts 

So there you have it a complete guide to your Hawaii itinerary! We hope this helps when planning your next vacation away. 

If you enjoy hikes with epic views, you need to check out the stairway to heaven Oahu! Also, remember to check out the Hawaii offers for your next vacation!

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