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Best Things To Do In Cincinnati

Best Things To Do In Cincinnati, Ohio in Your First Trip

Any first-time traveller in Cincinnati needs to sample the best the city can offer. Like the custom, the city never disappoints any person that travels for business or leisure. Most people visit diverse places depending on their ages, budgets, time, and social preferences. Today, I shall endeavour to give you the best five memorable things that any first-timer should do in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Best Things To Do In Cincinnati

Places to Visit

  • John Roebling Suspension Bridge

This suspension bridge is the gateway connecting two cities of Cincinnati and Covington in the neighboring state of Kentucky. The construction work ended in 1867, putting Cincinnati on the world map. It became the longest suspension bridge in the world then. It has a striking resemblance to the Brooklyn Bridge as the same designer did the architecture.

  • Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory

This nature and horticultural masterpiece boast of more than 3,500 rare plant species from almost the entire globe. You will find global diversity in the house settings also. Inside it, there are glimpses of a desert and tropical rainforests. You will have some nostalgic feelings about your home country. You can easily find it at 1501 Eden Park Drive. The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm from January to December.

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What Icons to See

  • Cincinnati Museum Center

It houses the history of Cincinnati City. The center comprises of three museums at the same place. Whatever your preference may be, this place will entertain your heart. There are hard facts at the Cincinnati History Museum. If you have children, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum will arouse their historical interest. Lastly, you can sample the scientific heritage of the city at the Museum of Natural History and Science.

  • Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team

Many visitors coming into the town consider it the most known feature from Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Reds is a baseball team that has a reputation for winning numerous accolades on the US national league. You can watch a live game at their stadium, the Great American Ball Park. If not, be sure to catch up with upcoming events at their Hall of Fame and Museum.

Where to Stay

Depending on your time, budget, and availability, you have a wide range of preferences that you can choose from. If you are for the high-end suites, you can try the Renaissance Cincinnati, Hilton, or the Hampton Inn and Suites. They provide a world-class business atmosphere where you can transact your routine away from home.

There are various middle and budget hotels that will make you comfortable during your stay. These include the Holiday Inn Hotels doting across the city. If not, you may look for others that suit your convenience.

Favorite Food Places

Cincinnati is famous for its diversity in food. Though that is true, it has a long tradition of spaghetti and pork. The first stop in your stay apart from the hotel should be the Findlay Market. It offers an open-air atmosphere with a long history of delicacies, including pastries and fresh produce. At the Holtman’s Donut Shop, you will have your taste buds entertain freshly made donuts. If you are in the class of beer, you can have a memorable evening at the Incline Public house.

Useful Information

As an international visitor, you have to plan in advance for your memorable visit. The best time to visit Cincinnati is between June and September when the temperatures are warm. You will also participate in the numerous carnival festivities around. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, make your reservations at least two months in advance for better deals.

Visa Eligibility

You also have to visit the ESTA website to ascertain your eligibility for entry and stay in the US. The process is simple. Log on to the official website and confirm your verification process on the ESTA form. The requirements are primarily an online passport and being a citizen of the waiver countries. If you do not qualify, you have to apply for a visa at the nearest embassy or consulate. The ESTA Visa check is a quick online process. After completion of the application, you can log in on the customer portal and verify your results almost immediately.

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