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travel diary week 4

Bali chapter coming to an end | Week 4

Bali chapter coming to an end | Week 4

Bali, it has been my first time adventuring around its lands and I have had an amazing time and done some crazy adventures! I have seen places such as the vast island of Nusa Penida, seen the clear water of the Gili islands and felt the spiritual place of Ubud.

This post I will be sharing what I have done over this last week with some cool images. In no particular order let’s get to it:

1. Waterfall

I have come to love the waterfalls of Bali and find myself just staring at the power of the water dripping from a high.

The waterfalls are natural gems of Bali and are very popular with tourists, that’s why you have got to get there early for a better experience, it’s funny the Chinese seem to go wild for them pushing and shoving to get closer, like the dinner ques at school when everyone got rowdy.

The crowds in the day go wild to get that epic Instagram photo, Instagram is crazy it turns anyone into a model no matter what your looks, weight, age and race. Anyway, the waterfalls of Bali are amazing!

2. White water rapids of Ubud

First time for me to do white water rapids and I was definitely excited for this one, I always imagine them off the American films where they’re like 10 foot rapids that throw the dingie left, right and any direction the water chooses.

It was a fun 2 hour fighting the river Ayung with our paddles and listening to jokes from our Balinese guide, we couldn’t understand him so we just laughed out of politeness.

white water rapids of Bali

3. Secret Canyoning 

Wow this looked epic and couldn’t wait to adventure through the ‘secret canyoning’. First we met our guide that took us through the 3 adventure areas, he couldn’t speak much English but he turned it to be one of the coolest guys and made our adventure fun and safe as possible.

It was epic we was swimming against currents, bouldering and taking on death defying river climbs (well maybe not death defying but it was tricky). 

All in all it was a mega adventure and secret canyon of Bali should be on your bucketlist.

Secret canyoning Ubud

4. The Food

The food has been real good in my eyes, it’s been cheap well in most places, tasty and spicy (I like spice). The prices are unbelievably low compared to England at a fraction of the price we pay back home, so I think why are we ripped off so much in England? It’s a shambles! 

The local Indonesian food is a lot cheaper than the westernised food, but a lot of it comes fried which is tasty but you got to think of your health a little. Nevertheless, perfect for backpackers.

Food of Ubud

5. The next part of the journey

We fly to Cambodia next and only have 4 days left in Bali, it has been an amazing experience and I will 100 percent be coming back to this majestic place to enjoy the culture, people and the god damn cheap tasty food!



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