Ultralight Backpacking camping tent

11 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents One Person

The Best 11 Ultralight Backpacking Tents For Person For Comfort and Safety In The Outdoors

Ultra lightweight is where you should be at when it comes to your backpacking tent. It is an extremely important consideration. Primarily, you have to keep your shelter as lightweight as possible, but without compromising comfort. 

With your backpacking tent saving you weight in your pack, you’ll do away with adding impact to your knees and your back, making you enjoy the best of your hike- without moaning or groaning, that is.

How do you choose the best lightweight tent for your backcountry hike? Below is a list of the best ultralight backpacking tent for person.

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Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Solution Dye

Ultralight Backpacking Tents One Person

This solo tent from Big Agnes is a classic, and it is made of eco-friendly fabric. Fly Creek tents of this brand are actually award-winning, and it has been redesigned right from the stakes to everything. The solution-dyed fabric utilized by this brand is highly UV resistant to fading. A prominent upgrade of the Fly Creek HV UL 1 Solution Dye shelter is that its vertical door has become larger, and its wall structure has become steeper, allowing you more headroom. The interior area of this product is maximized, too, rendering you able to have a comfortable camping experience in the backcountry. 

The ultralight materials in the construct of the HV UL 1 Solution Dye are weather-proof, and you can use it as a three-season tent. If you’re aiming for an enjoyable backpacking hike with an easy-to-set up solo tent, the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 Solution Dye is a fantastic choice. This item weighs to an incredibly light trail weight of 1 pound and 11 ounces, and a pack weight of 2 pounds.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 mtnGLO

Ultralight Backpacking Tents For One Person

As an ultralight backpacking tent, the Copper Spur HV UL1 mtnGLO from Big Agnes is fully-featured, and it has a built-in LED lighting. Another amazing thing about this product is that it can easily be packed, set-up and inhabited in. Going in and out of this shelter is quite convenient because of its large door.

The mtnGLO Tent Light Technology is another award-winning product from Big Agnes. It can make your overnight backpacking experiences with friends and four-legged partners as enjoyable as they could ever be. The interior space of the shelter is sufficient because of its steep and vertical walls that ensures a pleasant time when you are playing Hearts despite windy and rainy afternoons outside, and with you not feeling claustrophobic inside it. The Copper Spur HV UL1 mtnGLO 1-person tent is available in colors of silver and gray, weighing a packed weight of 2 pounds and 8 ounces, and a trail weight of 2 pounds and 3 ounces. This double-wall tent has a floor area of 20 square feet.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1

Ultralight Backpacking camping tent

In everything about ultralight tents, this product is a best-seller. With its current updates, it has now become lighter and stronger. Redesigns have been implemented by Big Agnes to the Copper Spur HV UL1 series, with its materials made lighter and sturdier. Hardware that goes with this 1-person ultralight tent allows easy set-up, and its interior has more living space. Apparently, its design has become high volume. This freestanding shelter is likewise equipped with media, 3-bin and traditional pockets that help to organize your stuff without hampering the living area. You can comfortably sit inside. The vestibule of this tent is awning-style, and you can customize it to expand its living space. Thus, come drizzle or sun, you will be adequately protected. 

The packed weight of the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 is 2 pounds and 6 ounces. Its floor area is 20 square feet, and it is of a double wall construct. The length of the tent is 88 inches, and it is comprised of 1 door.

Six Moon Designs Deschutes Zero-G

Ultralight Backpacking Tents For 1 Person

The ultralight and Dyneema tarp that this is can easily be set-up, and it has plenty of room on the inside. This product is quite high-tech and weighs almost half of the siliconized nylon sort. It weighs at an amazing 8 ounces, and you can combine it with the Serenity Net Tent (which is sold separately) so that you can obtain a double-wall 1-person tent that weighs only 19 ounces.

Six Moon Designs has created the Deschutes ZG to provide you with maximum interior space, while at the same time giving the utmost protection from the elements. If you’re looking for a reliable ultralight shelter that renders plenty of room on the inside and weighs truly less, this product is a great option. The coverage of this solo tent is 39 square feet, and its set-up height is 49 inches, allowing you adequate space for sitting up, and additional room to spread out your gear. Entry to the shelter is convenient because of its full-length vestibule zipper, and it is available in green color.

Nemo Dragonfly 1P

1 person ultralight backpacking tent

If you’re looking for liveability balanced with weight for your solo ultralight backpacking tent, the Nemo Dragonfly 1P is perfect. It is a freestanding shelter. Its vestibules are designed like a large trapezoid, and your gear can conveniently be accommodated without obstructing your entry into the shelter. With various roll-back points, you can customize its coverage and visibility.

You can intuitively set-up this shelter by following the color codes, and its conical design saves it weight without compromising its liveability. Its rain fly feature snaps securely and easily on to the poles, that in turn maintains tension. This double-wall 1-person tent has LxWxH dimensions of 88”x35”x40”, and its floor area covers 20.3 square feet.

MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 1

Ultralight Backpacking Tents For One Person

If you’re a thru-hiker and a long-distance soloist, this product is a fantastic choice. Basically, you’ll be shedding all the weight that you can with this lightweight tent, but you’ll be amply protected from bugs and all. Other than being ultralight, this shelter is adaptable, and you’ll be carrying it with only 14 ounces of weight. Ideally, you can pair this item with the Thru Hiker 70, or else the 100 Wing which is sold separately, consequently providing you with abundant coverage from winds and rain. Ventilation inside the tent is great, and you’ll enjoy plenty of comfort in its interior space. This product is indeed amazing in that it gives you the lightweight convenience rightly combined with protection.

This product has a length of 88 inches, width of 33 inches, height of 38 inches and is available in red color. Its floor area is 20 square feet.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

ultralight tent for 1 person

This is one of the best when you’re looking for a sturdy, ultralight tent for 1 person. The construct material of this shelter is now 100% silicone coated polyester, significantly reducing the stretch of its fabric along with its packed volume. A 20D material comprises its canopy, and a more solid 40D weave is utilized for its floor. Throughout the main corner together with the corner guy lines, the creator of this product has incorporated a reflective material.

A bathtub floor that has a depth of 6 inches surrounds the sleeping area, wherein on top is a mesh that measures 6 inches. Good ventilation is thus ensured while the inhabitant is separated from the canopy walls that are stumpy. These features of the Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo are thus able to keep you drier for those times when condensation develops on the canopy.

It is on the long side of the shelter wherein the vestibule is arranged, and this in turn maximizes your view and the ventilation when totally open. Once closed, the protection it provides come the worst of storms is phenomenal.

The hexagonal shape of the Lunar Solo, low as it is, distinctive, allowing it to easily discharge the wind regardless of whatever direction it is from. This single wall tent has a floor area of 26 square feet, and weighs 26 ounces.

MSR Freelite 1

backpacking tent

From the line of MSR’s semi- freestanding tents, the Freelite 1 is the lightest solo one, that at the same time provides ample living space. If you’re the kind of adventurer or backpacker who likes to spend most of your time outdoors, this shelter is ideal for you. This backpacking tent has a lot to offer in terms of comfort because of its ultralight design. You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying much weight, nor your tent occupying a lot of space in your pack. The Freelite 1 can easily be set up, especially because of its integrated freestanding frame. Likewise, it will provide you with adequate headroom.

This item weighs 2 pounds and 7.9 ounces, and available in red and gray colors. Its floor area is 18 square feet.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 Bikepack

superlight tent

Bikepacking is all the more fun with this superlight tent that packs down significantly small for such activity. This model comes from the line of the best selling and award winning Fly Creek HV UL tents, and it is designed for on and off-road bikepacking. The pole segments of this tent have been shortened to be able to optimize storage for the pannier, handlebar and saddlebag. Storing this tent just about anywhere is a cinch, mainly because of its brawny compression stuff sack feature that comes with a daisy chain. Extras such as a large storage pocket, webbing storage for dry helmet, among other things makes a soloist enjoy maximum comfort with the HV UL1 Bikepack.

You can choose from gray or gold colors of this item that weighs 2 pounds and 5 ounces. As a double wall 1-person tent, its floor space covers 19 square feet, and has LxWxH dimensions of 84”x38”x39”.

  Hilleberg Enan

lightest solo tent

Sturdy and versatile, Enan is the lightest solo tent from Hilleberg. This company has in fact designed this model from their award-winning and best-selling Akto tent. From Akto, Hilleberg has created a three-season version of it that is ultralight yet as sturdy as the other tents that the company is known for, and that is the Enan. 

Just like Akto, Enan uses a single pole construct along with the single-ended full-pole sleeve design. The weight is substantially reduced with the use of a light Kerlon 1000 material for the outer tent, while the inner tent is made of a lighter fabric. 

Like other Yellow label tents, Enan’s ventilation system is built-in its construction wherein its inner tent door is full-mesh combined with outer tent head and foot ends made of strong mesh that produces consistent air flow. You can roll down the Kerlon 1000 material panels of the tent to protect you from wind and rain. Otherwise, on safer conditions, you can roll them up and squeeze them into the unified pockets.

The Hilleberg Enan solo tent weighs 2 pounds and 10 ounces and has a floor area of 18.3 square feet. Its LxWxH dimensions as a double-wall shelter are 84”x37”x36”.

  Six Moon Designs Skyscape- Trekker

ultralight solo tent

This ultralight solo tent has dual doors, and its body is made of Sil-poly, or 100% Silicone coated polyester. A 20D material consists the canopy of this product, and its flooring construct is a 40D material that is sturdier. To decrease its packed volume, its canopy stretch has been reduced. An awesome update of the Six Moon Designs Skyscape-Trekker is its 3mm longer cord rear guy outs, subsequently providing you with higher interior and better ventilation. Guy lines all through the tent are also reflective.

The Hybrid Double wall construct of the Skyscape-Trekker can protect you from bugs while you enjoy the breeze and the view when you are inside. The weight of this tent is 26 ounces, and it is available in green color. Its floor area is 23 square feet, with LxWxH dimensions of 103”x48”x45”.

Wrap Up

Overwhelming equipment when hiking through the trails, the woods, and the mountains can be complicated- whether you are doing so alone, or with a large group. This list of items of the 11 best ultralight backpacking tent 1 person gives you smart and practical options to make your backpacking experience as enjoyable and as safe as can be.