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13 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents in 2021

13 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents For A Truly Worthwhile Outdoor Experience

The are several buying considerations to note for an ultralight backpacking gear tent. The tent requirements that you have to mind will make your camping experience as pleasant as ever because you’ll be doing away with major inconveniences.

For one thing, make sure that your tent is ultra-lightweight because it would be one of the biggest items that you are going to carry in your pack. Buying a tent that is as light as can present you with a big opportunity to save weight. Below is a list of the 13 best ultralight backpacking tents. Because it is quite a long list, you can choose which will be easy on your budget, and according to your preferences. 

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Your Options For The Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents

Buying a camping tent that is as light as can present you with a big opportunity to save weight. Below is a list of the 13 best ultralight backpacking tents. Because it is quite a long list, you can choose which will be easy on your budget, and according to your preferences.

Big Agnes FlyCreek HV UL1 and UL2

Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents

The weight of this tent is 2 pounds and 1 ounce, with LxWxH dimensions of 86”x38”x38”. Its floor measures 20 square feet. The price of this item is approximately $330 for one person, and $390 for two people.

What’s so fantastic about Big Agnes is that it is the gold standard for free-standing ultralight tents. The shelters designed by this company are beautiful, and at the same time are light and durable. They can actually compete with freestanding tents.

One of the latest items from Big Agnes is the FlyCreek HV UL. This model is an upgraded version of the earlier FlyCreek UL. The “HV” in its name means “high volume”, and this refers to its more vertical design, and bigger interior space capacity by 25%.

When it comes to design, the  FlyCreek HV UL is a stand out. It comprises of 3 pole sections that are interconnected and collapsible into a lone 10-inch bundle. It has a superior double-wall design as well, coming with a ripstop nylon rainfly that will keep you safe and dry even when there’s heavy rain. Nonetheless, this mesh shelter remains airy, able to ventilate all possible condensation.

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Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL1 and UL2

This lightweight tent weighs only 2 pounds and 3 ounces, with LxWxH dimensions of 84”x38”x38”. Its floor area measures 19 square feet. This tent, for one person, costs $350, while the price of that which is for two people is $391.

This shelter is slightly heavier than the FlyCreek, however, it has some notable advantages. Primarily, these are its side doors and vestibules. The side doors make it a breeze to get in and out, and in case you’ll be sharing it with another person, the Tiger Wall’s two-door configuration is really practical. Other than that, this feature also provides better ventilation, and it minimizes condensation.

The Tiger Wall may have a tighter interior space than the FlyCreek, but it nonetheless offers additional inches of headroom.

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Hyperlight Mountain Gear Echo II

This tent is absolutely easier to carry with its merely 1 pound and 13.9- ounce weight. Its space dimensions of LxWxH is 84”x52”x41”, and it has a 24 square feet floor area. This lightweight tent that can accommodate two persons costs around $695.

Hyperlight Mountain Gear, or HMG has become an industry leader in terms of everything ultralight.  This company is a patriot of cuben fiber, and is one of the best creators and manufacturers of thru-hiking gear in the market.

Only two shelter models are manufactured by Hyperlight, and its Echo II can be reckoned to be a fortress of a double-wall tent. From an aerial point of view, most tents look like a “V” shape, with their foot area significantly tapered. Thus, your steamy and sore feet will have a small room to breathe. But you would not encounter this problem with the Echo II, particularly because it has sufficient space in its interior, akin to a large rectangular box where 2 people can amply fit in.

This awesome thing of a lightweight tent is nevertheless the most pricey on the list, and another of its con is that it could be tricky to get the stakes down right throughout the corners.
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Nemo Hornet Elite

Best super light Backpacking Tents

This product is super light, weighing only 1 pound and 13 ounces coming with 87.1”x40.2”x36.6” LxWxH dimensions. Its floor has a 21.8 square feet area. For over $449.95, you can buy this shelter for 1 person, and $499.95 if you prefer one that fits 2 persons.

An ultralight powerhouse this tent is deemed to be, and NEMO did a great job of designing it. There is the original Hornet, but its sibling, the Hornet Elite is rather high-end and is known to be one of the most lightweight free-standing tents ever sold in the market. 

The 2 side doors of this shelter are a favourite of many enthusiasts because it makes getting in and going out easier- at least compared to a front door. Instead of crawling out of a tunnel when exiting a tent front door, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to roll out of the Hornet Elite’s side doors. It can block strong breezes, too, especially with its fly almost touching the ground.

Tarptent ProTrail and MoTrail

What a lightweight tent this product is because it weighs only  1 pound and 10 ounces, and its dimensions are comprised of a height of 84”, a length of 42”, and a width of 45”. Its floor measures 21 square feet.  For one person, you can buy this shelter for $199, and $265 for two persons. 

If you’re considering to purchase high-quality silnylon freestanding tents, it makes sense to buy from Tarptent. Then again, with their predilection for minimalist-style designs, you can’t expect a complete shelter system. The brand name “Tarptent” has basically become a category description, and it started the trend of minimalist backpacking tents.

As an ultralight bunker, the Tarptent ProTrail and MoTrail use a thick 3D silnylon, making it quite durable. No poles are required when assembling it, and you can therefore expect it to pack down to nothing. It is easy to set up the Pro-Trail at the same time because it is a non-freestanding tent.

Gossamer Gear The One and The Two

affordable Ultralight Backpacking Tents

As a tent, this item weighs 1 pound and 5 ounces, measuring 88” in length, 36” in width, and 46” in height. The floor of this shelter has a space of 18.3 square feet. For $299, you can buy the 1-person accommodating tent, while that which can be occupied by 2 people costs $389.

This minimalist shelter is quite a beauty- and kudos to Gossamer. What’s so special about this product is that it is astoundingly well-rounded. Apparently, it doesn’t have any real flaws in that it has a good weight, ample internal space, sufficient ventilation, adequate vestibule storage, and an amazing price. Its two side doors are practical. If you’re a tall person and want to enjoy more headroom and floor width, you can opt for The One which is 88 inches in length.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 1 & 2

lightweight tents for camping

As a tent that weighs 2 pounds and 14 ounces, you can relish your backpacking experience with its 85”x30”x38” LxWxH dimensions. The floor has a space of 18 square feet. The cost for this shelter for 1 person is approximately $379.95, and for 2 persons around $449.95.

You can call the Hubba Hubba NX as a bombproof tent because it can be utilized for three-season backpackings. Although not the lightest among those listed here, this shelter can be surmised as one of the most durable. The auspicious balance about this product is that it is neither too heavy nor too delicate. It’s easy to shoulder because it weighs under three pounds. You can pitch it just about anywhere, and there are miniscule chances of you tearing its material. 

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Zpacks Plexamid and Duplex

Zpacks Plexamid and Duplex

Weighing only 15.5 ounces, this shelter measures 90”x30”x48” (LxWxH), and its floor area is 21 square feet. The 1 person variant of this product costs $555, while that which is good for 2 people is priced at $599. 

If you want the weight of your pack to be down to a minimum, this product is a great option. When you consider its weight of 15.5 ounces, you’ll be amazed because your water bottle actually weighs heavier. It’s a tent that is as light as can be, yet it is durable. Its interior ceiling is comfortably high, and its large side doors are easily accessible. 

In more ways than one, Zpacks is reckoned to be at par with Hyperlite Mountain Gear pertaining to being industry leaders in ultralight Dyneema non- freestanding tents.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo and Duo

light tents for hiking

Without stakes, this shelter is 1 pound and 10 ounces in weight, with LxWxH dimensions of 90”x48”x48”. Its floor space measures 31 square feet. You can buy this product for $200 when good for 1 person, and $310 when preferred for 2 people.

For more than 15 years now, Six Moon Designs (SMD) has been manufacturing ultralight gear. This company is popular for designing and creating non-freestanding nylon tents.

As an ultralight tent, the Lunar Solo is fantastic because you can set it up with only one trekking pole, and it is reasonably-priced. Nonetheless, it is a durable product. Sitting completely upright inside the shelter is possible, and in fact, there is a leeway of a few more inches above your head. This is a great choice if you want to have a roomy tent that comes with a friendly price.

Marmot Tungsten 1P and 2P UL

Marmot Tungsten 1P and 2P UL

Two pounds and 9 ounces in weight, this item has LxWxH dimensions of 84.5”x36”x38”. Its floor space measures 19.1 square feet. The cost of this tent is $239 for one person, and $262 for two persons.

Durability is more emphasized by the Marmot Tungsten 2P above pack weight, and as a freestanding shelter, it has two vertical walls on the inside. It’s a bit heavier when compared to others in the arena of ultralight backpacking tents, but it is a value package obtained at only $239.

The clips and poles of the tent are color-coded, making it easier to pitch. You might think that this feature is trivial, but taking the guesswork out when setting up your shelter under heavy wind or rain is a huge help. Any weather can be stormed by the Marmot Tungsten UL because of its sturdy structure.

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Slingfin Portal 2

Slingfin Portal 2

You can call this ultralight tent to be a luxurious one because of its premier quality. Weighing 2 pounds and 7 ounces, it has LxWxH dimensions of 85”x51”x44”. Its floor area is spacey at 27.45 square feet. This shelter is primarily designed for 2 people, costing approximately $485.

The 2 side doors of this tent are wide-open, and its double-wall construct is breathable. Its design is fully freestanding. The makers of the Portal 2 created it with fine attention to detail wherein pockets have been attached all over its interior, making storage convenient. Its ceiling is quite spacey and smart minimalist hooks for the rainfly are installed, among other of its awesome features, rendering this tent as an astounding product.

REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 1 and 2

tents lightweight 2021

The weight of this tent is 1 pound and 15 ounces, while its LxWxH dimensions are 88”x35”x38”. Its floor area covers 18.9 square feet. A 1-person accommodation of this tent costs $299, while that which can shelter 2 people costs $349.

If you want a roomy tent where you can completely sit-up and stretch out, the REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL might just be what you are looking for. You’ll like how this shelter is spacey and not as snug as the others in the ultralight arena.

No worries of leaks during heavy rains with the Quarter Dome SL because it can stand up to the elements, and it contains numerous interior pockets for convenient storage.

Mountain Laurel Designs Solomid and Duomid

best tents for camping

This tent weights somewhere from 11 to 18 ounces, and it measures 110” in length by 50” in width by 56” in height. The floor area spans 35 to 45 square feet. Costing $255 for 1 person, and $280 for 2 people, this product can make your backpacking experience worthwhile.

Solomid is designed for 1 person and it has an A-shaped triangular structure. Its interior living space covers over 35 square feet. Meanwhile, the 2-person accommodating Duomid is shaped like a pyramid, and it is roomy with a 45 square feet floor area. Because the sides of these tents slope, you can only sit up in their center, but nevertheless, their space for sleeping feels absolutely luxurious.

Wrap Up

From this list of the 13 best ultralight backpacking tents, you can gain practical tips about buying the right shelter that would truly make backpacking as fun and as safe an experience can be.