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Best Backpacking Trips In The World

10 Best Backpacking Trips In The World To Feed Your Wanderlust

10 Best Backpacking Trips In The World To Feed Your Wanderlust

What’s so amazing about our dear planet Earth is that it is expansive, and there is an endless diversity to its beautiful destinations to enjoy.

You can feast on the astounding sights to see- basically because they are limitless, from mountain tops where you can breathe cool and crisp winds to tapered desert canyons that challenge you to watch your steps.

Everywhere around the globe, you can find marvelous walking trails that grant the opportunity for you to connect with the environment. When the global conditions permit, you could be raring to explore the best backpacking destinations. Get your best backpacking gear ready as we take you on this virtual journey. The guide below will inform you about the best backpacking trips in the world.

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What Are The Best Backpacking Trips In The World?

Best Backpacking Trips

1. Nusa Penida in Indonesia

Nusa Penida in Indonesia
Nusa Penida in Indonesia

This is the new kid on the block in the avenue of the top backpacking destinations in the world. As an Indonesian island, Nusa Penida lies in the southeastern portion of the breathtaking Kelingking Beach, otherwise regarded as a popular backpacking haven.

Kelingking Beach, with its curving cliffs and pristine bays is the star attraction of the Nusa Penida island. Other than that, though are the endless magical experiences to have in the area. 

Halfway going up on a mountain, you will find a sacred cave where you can attend a prayer service. Backpackers can also move on to hike towards an abandoned treehouse that has been converted into a crazy lookout point.

How about swimming in the sea with frisky and huge manta rays? Indeed, one moment to the other is an adventure on the island. Add to that the awe-inspiring Indonesian sunsets, and a host of “warungs” that offer cheap but delicious local foods.

2. Surat Thani in Thailand

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Surat thani to Koh Samui

Initially, Surat Thani has been mostly known as a jumping off point to Thai islands in the eastern area, and it can come quite as a surprise to include it as one of the best backpacking trips in the world.

At this point, backpackers can surmise that Surat Thani is a destination that offers a fantastically authentic Thai experience sans the hustling and bustling of a plethora of tourists. You can start your day in the city centre by touring crowd-free and serene temples, including the lofty Surat Thani Pillar Shrine.

Then, you can proceed on to hang out with the locals at the cozy Ban Don Pier to drink a few bottles of beer. From there, you can rent a longtail boat to have a guided trip along that canals that skirt the city.

It’s fun to observe the rural life this way, and who knows- you might spot an enormous monitor lizard! The best Thai food ever is served in Surat Thani, too. At the night market, you can enjoy eating the classic pad Thai, spicy papaya and crispy pork.

3. Maribor in Slovenia

Maribor in Slovenia
Maribor in Slovenia

There is so much to explore in Slovenia aside from the legendary Lake Bled and its beautiful capital Ljubbljana. Next to these iconic Slovenian locations that make this country one of the best backpacking destinations is the city of Maribor.

Quite a charming spot this is, being laden with medieval structures, meandering streets, and homey wine cafes. Slovenia is, in fact famous for its absurdly cheap local wines where some of the best can be sampled in Maribor.

Wine-growing hills surround this city, and you can drop by at the wine museum to avail of tastings. Maribor may be a small city, but it truly packs a punch.

The scenic Old Town in the city rivals the biggest and the best in Europe, and it thrives with consecutive summer festivals and a dynamic student vibe.

4. Hossegor in France

Hossegor in France
Hossegor in France

Located in south western France, Hassegor, as a seaside town is the backpackers’ Hawaiian haven in Europe. If you intend to spend lots of time in the water surfing, the adorable Hassegor is the place to be. With the insane atmosphere in October, this town holds professional championships such as the Quicksilver and Roxy Pros. 

The chilled weather for the rest of the year has hordes of nomads passing through the location to relax in its calm beaches, and the warm city centre that is friendly to both pedestrians and cyclists. Plenty of French bakeries in the area incorporate the cafe culture.

5. Trondheim in Norway

Trondheim in Norway
Trondheim in Norway

If you want to go hipster instead of visiting big hitter destinations like Oslo and Copenhagen, you can consider exploring Trondheim.

This city is vibrant, a creative student location where the craft beer and local food arena is massive. Its center is pedestrianised, and there, you can sample delicacies at the many restaurants and cafes in the area. 

The prime Insta content pervades the city, such as the classic Scandinavian style of lively and colorful structures throughout the waterfront. A particular perk is the sky-high gothic cathedral- it’s worth saving your camera space for!

Trondheim, having been the first capital city of Norway is filled with a rich history that you will truly have an awesome time discovering. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss gazing at the Northern Lights between the months of September to March.

6. Kodaikanal in India

Kodaikanal in India
Kodaikanal in India


The Tamil Nadu region in India is generally scorching, and if you want to skip its heat, you can visit the town of Kodaikanal.

It is located 2,000 meters above sea level, mainly on a foggy hillside. In the center of the city, you will find a star-shaped lake- its predominant attraction, and there, you can rent and row a boat to witness strange but tranquil sceneries. 

In the area, you will find soothing waterfalls, and awe-inspiring valleys. Isn’t this place just perfect to get away from all the hustling and bustling.

Unplugging at its best can mean embarking on a trek in Munnar for two days where the views are out-of-this-world, especially in the Western Ghats, and who knows- you can come across some elephants, too.

7. Isfahan in Iran

Isfahan in Iran
Isfahan in Iran

An old Persian proverb calls Iran “half of the world”, and there’s a good reason for it. That’s why Iran should be a top pick for the best backpacking trips in the world. You might have seen pictures of astounding Iranian architecture, and don’t they ever incite your wanderlust.

If you want to discover a real treasure trove, visit the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan. The Iman Mosque is indeed a blue-tiled icon, and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is ever dazzling. Add to that the majestic Ali Qapu Palace, and your eyeballs can have a feast.

You’ll be blown away with the 1,000 year-old Grand Bazaar with its raveled tiled ceilings, and passageways lit and lined by lanterns. Its courtyards are truly colorful. A cup of Persian chai for a stop would help you take it all in!

8. Nosara in Costa Rica

Nosara in Costa Rica
Nosara in Costa Rica

Nosara is a gorgeous beach town in Costa Rica, and it doesn’t get more chilled than there. It is filled with a fun and free-loving vibrant spirit. Shopping in the boutique shops, surfing and hanging out in the warm cafes give this town a feel of California. Apparently, you would forget which country you are in when you find yourself in the middle of its graffiti-covered skate park. 

Yogis can find a peaceful retreat for their downward dog in Nosara’s studios and peaceful beaches. After recharging your zen, you can go on to an eco-friendly safari via a riverboat where you can get to see exotic birds, monkeys, iguanas and humongous crocodiles.

9. Siargao Island in the Philippines

Siargao Island in the Philippines
Siargao Island in the Philippines

This island is a paradise for surfers, the wave-riding capital of the country. Despite being low-key, Siargao is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Beaches in the area are unspoilt, and the island is full of jungles, caves, waterfalls and lagoons. If you’re a nature-lover, you’ll find Siargao to be one of the top backpackers’ destinations for your kind. 

Nevertheless, nightlife in the island is fantastic, as with any backpacker spots in Southeast Asia. This usually is in the form of regular bar and cocktail buckets. Friday nights are for the high-spirited Jungle Party, and you wouldn’t want to miss that. 

As an insider tip, try heading out to the Cloud 9 beach at the pier on one evening and have a few bottles of beer while watching the sunset. It is truly magical!

10. Sendai in Japan

Sendai in Japan
Sendai in Japan

If you’re not keen on following the crowd when it comes to visiting Japan, you can go to the modern city of Sendai. It’s best to plan your backpacking trip there in August.

On the 6th and 8th of this month, the streets of Sendai are alive because of the Tanabata Matsuri which is known to be the most elegant festival of paper and bamboo in the world. As a lively event, the Tanabata Matsuri is celebrated on those days when Altair and Vega as stars cross paths. 

Live music and traditional dance, together with a plethora of street food and fireworks jazz up the city. What makes it more vibrant is the thousands of decorations of colorful streamers throughout the streets.

Sendai is worth visiting even for the rest of the months of the year because of its busy markets, wonderful nightlife, and marvelous shrines and temples to visit.

There’s so much to meet and feast your eyes and wanderlust on when you visit these best backpacking trips in the world.