Hidden Travel Tips For Female Backpackers - Travel Hacks | 2018

Hidden Travel Tips For Female Backpackers – Travel Hacks | 2018

4 Hidden travel tips for female backpackers

“4 hidden truths female backpackers need to know”

Are you worried about being a female backpacker for the first time in your life?

Or maybe your just looking for a few tips for traveling?

This post shares 4 killer travel tips to help girls that travel! Because being a female backpacker can be an absolute pain in the a**e at times.

The post covers

  • How a girl deals with periods when backpacking
  • Dealing with female hair problems as a backpacker
  • How a female traveller copes with skin problems
  • Top travel hack for females that backpack

This post on “4 hidden truths female backpackers need to know”, has been dedicated from my backpacking girlfriend. She has faced each of the 4 backpacking worries that all female travellers will probably face sometime throughout your backpacking destinations.

Okay, let’s get to it the top 4 hidden travel tips that you probably won’t know about.

Hey, I’m Mollie.

I am currently travelling around the stunning and diverse countries in Southeast Asia. Before embarking on this journey, I hit the books and did my research, however there was little information regarding daily life of a female backpacker and the struggles they may face.

So, here’s a short list of the things I’ve found and the hidden travel tips for female backpackers that may help you along the way. Also, I have included my favourite backpacking products for female travellers. These have helped with the stresses of backpacking as a female.

4 Hidden travel tips for female backpackers

This picture was taken on Kelingbeach secret point beach


1. Female travel hacks about that time of the month

Yes, mother nature taking it out on us women again. It’s only natural they say, however travelling around third world countries living out of a bag isn’t always fun for us female backpackers.

Before setting off I booked an appointment at my GP to ask for a large prescription of the contraceptive pill to help regulate my period and reducing the risk of coming home with extra unexpected baggage.

Another tip is to stock up on tampons as I’ve found it difficult to find tampons in the supermarkets, especially applicator ones and especially in more urban areas.

Fingers crossed I’m hoping to pick some up in Bangkok as I’ve heard there’s a Boots!

When travelling you never want to plan too far in advance as you want the freedom of doing what you want when you want, however periods can sometimes disrupt your plans.

No solo female traveller wants to trek through the jungle, scuba dive or swim when on their period.

You may feel sweaty or dirty travelling around in the 30+ degree heat and continuously want a shower and don’t tell me about period pains, the devil. Therefore, I try and plan around my period and leave chill days to catch up on a Netflix series or read a book.

Finally bring a supply of hand sanitiser, God’s gift in terms of hygiene whilst travelling around Southeast Asia. I’ve come across some pretty dirty facilities on the road and having one of these has been a life saver.

Make sure you always have some spare toilet roll too and this can be sparse in South East Asia, you always have the option of the jet like cleaner but that’s not for me, maybe in time..

2. How does a solo female traveller handle hair issues?

Before coming away I booked in the salon for a full colour, cut and treatment ready to embark on my Southeast Asia backpacking adventure, 2 months in, I’m already craving a fresh colour and cut.

Personally, I wouldn’t let any local touch my hair with worry they’d turn it green and give me a uneven bob. Instead I’ve tried to take preventative measures to protect my hair as much as possible by bringing my own conditioning treatments from home, limiting the amount of chlorine I come into contact with and wearing a hat to prevent heat damage.

Also, for the backpacking blondies out there I recommend bringing some purple shampoo as they don’t seem to know what that is in Asia, no surprises there, but it will help keep your colour intact for longer. I’m hoping to get my hair cut and coloured when we visit Australia in a few months. Even though I’m reluctant to pay the sky-high prices, it’ll give me peace of mind at least.

This little travel kit is perfect for basic female backpacking hygiene and it will fit easy into the best female backpack I recommend.

3. The secret tip for a female backpacker to take care of travelling skin problems

While travelling as a female I knew I wasn’t going to wear makeup in the Southeast Asia weather. Therefore, I decided to go plain Jane and didn’t bring any makeup products with me on this trip due to limited space and wanting to give me skin a break and instead stick to my trusted coco butter cream. It keeps my skin nourished and smells delicious.

If you’re a female backpacker that can’t quite part with her beauty products then there’s no shame in that, however, I recommend you limit your products to a light BB cream, a flick of mascara and maybe a good concealer to hide the bags caused by lack of sleep. And remember to wipe of your makeup before going to bed, yes even if you’ve had one to many, you’ll regret it in the morning waking up to whiteheads!

I’ve yet to try out the facials advertised by the locals, but I suppose it can’t hurt. I don’t think any fancy products will be used, but I don’t think herbal treatments can do you any harm and for the price you can’t complain.

Cocoa butter is perfect for keeping the skin moisturised during our days in the hot-skin-drying Thailand sunshine.

4. Girls that travel – just travel and care less

Before the start of my travelling I spent weeks buying matching outfits, shoes and accessories to take with me, however I now realise it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you’re comfortable.

My go to is my shorts, a sports bra with a vest top and trusty nikeys. I’m not even embarrassed to say I wear clothes days in a row, it saves on the laundry.

My point is care less about what you look like. I used to want that perfect Instagram shot looking good, but now I realise it’s not what I look like in Thailand or Bali, it’s the beauty of the place I’m in.

Changing my attitude wasn’t easy and I still have some low days were I feel ugly and just want to slap a dress and heels on with a full face of makeup to feel like a girl for just once, but I soon realise that’s not fun and I’d rather be in a mud bath with an elephant enjoying life.

Fellow female travellers are the least judgemental people I have ever met and everybody’s in the same boat so just go with it.

#solo #girls

These glasses are perfect for girls backpacking. Not only are they an amazing price but they make us female backpackers look good for that Instagram shot, even though we maybe covered in sweat from the Southeast Asia weather. Lifesavers!

4 Hidden travel tips for female backpackers – Conclusion

Thanks Mollie, I can see being a female traveller is quite tricky!

Okay, guys I hope you have enjoyed these top killer 4 travel hacks. Mollie has written a little more in-depth a few other issues female backpackers may face, subscribe below today to get the secret travel tips and more.

For a full list of travel essentials, see backpacking essential item list for Asia

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