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I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my travel blog. I hope you enjoy my free travel guides, travel tips and photography from all the cool destinations I have been too. You’re the reason I put soooo much time into creating each and every single piece of content on this blog.

I completely understand that planning what to take backpacking – can be a nightmare! This is why I’ve created this list of things to take travelling.

I do use affiliate products on certain posts and pages within the blog (like the ones on this page).  Every time you click a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission on the sale and it doesn’t cost you any extra for booking through the link. This is what you give back to me for putting in the work on this blog. We’re helping each other out 🙂

I hope you find the travel essentials below useful on your adventures.

Useful travel guides

Here’s a list of travel routes and tips;


If you’re travelling through Vietnam (one of the best countries in Asia for backpacking!), you need to know the best routes for travelling around. For example, if you visit Hanoi, you definitely need to visit Sapa! This handy guide on getting from Hanoi to Sapa will tell you everything you need to know! There’s also travelling from Hue to Hoi An, which is another really popular travel route in Vietnam! Then, of course, you have popular places like;


This is up there as my favourite country for backpacking! Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands in the world, and they’re not to be missed! Thailand is very cheap for travelling around, which is awesome if you’re travelling on a budget. Some of the popular routes are Bangkok to Koh Samui on the train. Or, you can travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai to see the temples etc. Then, of course, there’s the popular route from Surat Thani to Koh Phanghan to do the famous full moon party!

Here are some useful travel tips posts;


All my accommodation bookings are made through either or Airbnb. These have got to be the best room booking services on the planet! Also, they’re always the cheapest!

So, the first useful link is with, I have managed to book rooms here for less than $9 a night when I have been in countries like Thailand and Bali. You can see how cheap rooms are at your next destination with this search box;


If you’re an avid traveller yourself, you will know how awesome Airbnb is! I have stayed in some amazing places around the world that’s been an Airbnb room. I have rented apartments out in Australia and stayed at places such as a farm house in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.

I have a great deal for you! If you click on the link below you will get between $30-$40 off your 1st Airbnb stay. This won’t cost you a thing to get the deal!

Get the $40 0ff my first Airbnb stay

Travel Books


If you’re planning an epic backpacking trip around Thailand, then you need this Ebook!

What does it contain?

You’ll find top Thailand Travel tips that have come from the best and worst of my experiences in Thailand. Also, there is a list of the very best places to visit in Thailand! Also, there is awesome Thailand travel photography to give you some inspiration to visit this top country.

From buying this Ebook, you support this blog and help me to create more awesome travel tips from around the world, for YOU.

ebook Thailand travel hacks




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Travel Electrical Essentials

Go Pro

I wouldn’t dream of not having a waterproof camera! If you’re planning on going snorkelling, diving or any other water activity, then you need a Gopro.

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lumix travel camera


This is an awesome camera for the price. It has one of the best zooms I have seen on a camera! You should also check out my Panasonic Lumix fz82 review post!

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best laptop for travel


I needed a laptop for blogging, sorting out photos, watching Netflix movies and more. I think a laptop is a top travel essential.

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Travel Backpacks


best backpack for travel

Men’s Travel Backpack

This is an essential men’s travel backpack. It’s awesome and easy to carry, with plenty of storage for all your travel gear!

Check out my Vango Banshee 2oo review post.

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Women's Travel Backpack

Women’s Travel Backpack

This is an essential women’s travel backpack. It’s awesome and easy to carry, with plenty of storage. My partner was more than happy with this for backpacking around Asia!

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