Ticket to My Dream

The excitement Starting with Bali


Almost got that golden ticket…

Tomorrow we should be buying the one way tickets to the life long awaited adventure.

Ya boy will be flying to the first destination of Bali, white beaches, blue seas and skin burning sun.


Can’t tell you how long I have waited for this!

Once that is bought tomorrow it will then be set in stone that I am out of here. An epic journey starting in Bali, then working all around South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and then finishing off with a tour of America would be sweet.

Every day I look forward to just boarding that plane, who wouldn’t knowing they’re going on the trip of a lifetime!

The pics


Been looking at cameras lately. Definitely need a new camera for all the adventures. The Nikons are looking like the sweetest option.

I use Instagram a lot and have been looking at some of the travellers accounts, there truly is some sweet pictures on there.

There are every type of travel pic you would ever want to see from sunrises in the desert to sunsets over New York.

If you love a pic get an insta account.

I plan on filling Instagram with some amazing pics of my travels.

Last Year On The Course


So not long now till that quick three year university course has been crushed!

I can honestly say the university life is a whirlwind. It seems like yesterday that I was giving my main job up to venture on a new path with computers.

In the years that I have done now the skills that have gained have been immense. I’m now happily building websites.

Over the next few month I will building my first app. This is will be with my passion of travel.

I plan to create an app that will benefit travellers around the world. I won’t go too in depth with it now (Obviously keeping it a secret until a little further in the future, big smile).

Enjoy your week and remember, work to live not the other way round!

P.S I’ll let you know this week about the tickets

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