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the adventure is ready

The Adventure

Ready to globe trot, this s**t is getting real..

The adventure is set in stone! The one way tickets to Bali have been bought!

The dream is about to become real! No more early morning alarm clocks, no more award over crowded train commutes to Manchester everyday and no more working 9-5. All there is now is sunshine, beaches and freedom.

It’s been my life long dream to roam free through other countries like a stallion! So everyday now is a step closer to that flight, epic right ?! I plan to work hard for these next few months and complete my degree, that should keep me busy until the day of the flight departure..

I’ve been looking at things to do in Bali, the place looks gorgeous and has so many things going on.

Bali has volcanoes to climb, seas to snorkel and is a backpackers dream. Fortunately we’ll be roaming it all, slowly progressing through Indonesia towards Thailand. I cant wait to be sat on a beach with a cocktail under the sweet red sunset.

Learning a Language

I have started to learn Thai.

Very tricky language to learn in my eyes, but I will learn it.

So i’ve downloaded an app for the iPhone to learn this complex language. Since we will spending the most of our time in ┬áthe island of paradise, Thailand, I want to be able to try to at least communicate with the locals and appreciate their culture.

I hate it when you go in a cafe or bar and workers can’t speak English and you struggle to get an order in. You know the feeling when you start speaking slow using your hands and they just look at you like your stupid.

I have always wanted to learn a language anyway so this another life goal out the way. I look forward to speaking Thai a little with the locals whilst ordering a freezing cold alcoholic beverage in the sunshine.

Back Home

England is not all that bad I have had a great weekend.

On Friday we went into Manchester and some fine food at a Panama Hatty’s, I would really recommended this place. I had lamb shank and the meat just literally fell of the bone ( meat lovers dream). Then we hit the bars for some sweet cocktails. Not something which can be done every weekend or it’ll burn a rather large hole in your back pocket!

Yesterday we visited Lythem St Ann’s beach and had a lovely walk along the beach, topped off with a spot of pub grub. It was a mega hot day, with sun cream definitely needed. Whilst today has included a trip to the gym, followed by an afternoon of sunning in the back garden researching South East Asia and what adventures to take.

Back to reality tomorrow with a train strike (nightmare), ah well not long to them beaches are being embraced all over South East Asia.

Hope you’ve had a sweet weekend and enjoy next week, see you on the next post.


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