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Break Away


What a weekend to take a trip!

The visit to Newcastle was epic in so many ways.

This was my first trip to Newcastle and was a 2.5 hour drive to reach the destination.

When we arrived Saturday morning to check in, the first thing we wanted to do was to explore Newcastle. We checked in and threw are bags in the spacious bedroom at hotel was fairly priced for location as it was like a 5 minute to the famous and historic river Tyne.

Heading straight to the river for a walk we was soon blessed with 25 degree sunshine (hot as hell). The landmark millennium bridge was the route chosen to get across the river.

The river side had real summer atmospheric air around it.

The city centre streets had waves and waves of people hitting the bars, shops and restaurants.

Shopping and Dinning

All afternoon was spent shopping and hitting the streets with all the crowds. Then followed a few drinks on the river with the temp hitting 27 degrees (dammmm).

If you want a place with quirk buildings and 100’s of different shops Newcastle is the place to go, you will not be disappointed.

We picked an Italian to have tea at night and wasn’t disappointed. There is an Intu for plenty of restaurants, it is situated in the hilly centre of Newcastle.

Beach in Newcastle

Sunday was a sweet day.

All day lounging on what is probably the best beach I have been to in The U.K.

South Shields beach was true iconic scenery with beach, coastal walk, and an unforgettable busy bar.

The bar is next to the beach and serves great food at a cheap price. The place was full of sun lovers enjoying the bars cold beverages.

Again the sun was pumping out some serious heat. I left that amazing beach with a lobster look.

I can fairly say Newcastle is highly regarded as a great place to visit for a weekend. It has everything you need for your adventures.

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