Last year at university

Where does the time go

Apologies it’s been a while since my last post. I have crazy busy recently with; the holiday to Bulgaria I have just been on, planning for the traveling and most of all I’m back at university for my last year.

Yes I have started back at university for my last year, it seems like 2 minutes ago since I started my first year. I’ve already done almost a month in this last year and already the assignments are coming thick and fast. I believe I’ve made a good start to the year though, I am chipping at the work every day and dedicating a lot of time to the studying.

I am also doing project management for a company in Manchester 2 days a week. So I do have a busy schedule with uni, work, fitness and life! But I do enjoy it all.

Making my First Phone App

for my last year at uni we have to do a major project (what you probably know as a dissertation). I’m really finding this part cool as I am making my first every phone app using a platform called ionic.

I am passionate about making this app as I am creating it for backpackers, hopefully I can use it when I go travelling next year.

I have 7 months left from today till I finish the app, finish university and use that one way plane ticket to go on an adventure!

I understand that this years going to be really difficult but at the end of the day, so what I just got to deal with it, I signed up for the stress and then the reward at the end.

I have the reward of hopefully that first class honours (fingers crossed) and the journey of a lifetime. It’s funny when I feel tired or I’m having a stressful day, I just think o well I’ll be moving South East Asia next year.

These next 7 month are going to go unbelievably fast just like the last 2 years. If you thinking about going to university and putting off-year after year, then my piece of advice would be just find the course your interested in and DO IT!! Life is not a dress rehearsal…

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