How To Train With a Busy Lifestyle

Can I Be Bothered After Work

If you want to avoid being a couch potato yes!

Up until 6 weeks ago I had it as what some would call it “easy to train”, I was in the gym all day long as a personal trainer so I didn’t really have an excuse not to train.

Now a day’s I know what it feels like to do a days graft followed by a humid commute home. Yeah I get that the voice in your head is saying go home, get your feet up and relax the night away in front of the box. Hmmmmm that does sound good but that is just the lazy side of you thinking like that.

Tiredness is a state of mind!

I like to put a sweet playlist on and get MOTIVATED! Once you get past that lazy voice in your head it’s all down hill… Apart from the workout aha.

The Training

Hiit training

When you’ve had a mega long day and that boss has been giving you some serious agro (and you’ve felt like throwing him/her through a window) you might not be feeling a long gruesome gym session..

Truth is you don’t need to slog hours and hours out

I trained the other night for 22 minutes

I was dripping in sweat and my heart was jumping out of my chest, yes I was in bits after 22 minutes

Not because I’m unfit as I would say I am fit and active

The secret is the type of training that needs to be done for your time limit, 22 minutes is all it took me (you could be home in time for tea in front of the 6pm Simpsons).

I’m going with the fact that you care about your own training, that’s why you are probably reading this post. So how can we get the most out of our training in a short time? to fit around our busy lifestyles? Like I mentioned before it is all in the type of training you do in that short time, I mean training types can be opposite end of the scales in effort output.

You have probably heard of the fast talking Londoner lean in 15 phenomenon Joe Wicks, he believes in fast effective HIIT sessions, likewise (not a big believer in his diets though, but that’s another topic).

So what are these are HIIT sessions? In a nutshell it is a timed interval way of exercising, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, simple right? erm yeah but you can make it as hard as you want.

I mentioned me doing 22 minutes well that consisted of treadmill hill sprints, it was HARD!!! That was my version of a HIIT session. The beauty of this style of training is that its fast, effective and caters for all fitness levels.

HIIT training is great for FAT LOSS and has the magic effect of burning calories for hours and hours after you finish your workout. Think of that being sat on the sofa knowing your body is still torching through calories, YEAAHHHH BUDDYYYYY!!

An example HIIT workout for a beginner is:

  • High knees 20 seconds
  • Air punches 20 seconds
  • left hand to the floor then right hand to the floor 20 seconds
  • Star jumps 20 seconds
  • Rest for 45 seconds then repeat this 4/5 times

And there it is a magic, fat burning, time effective, fun and funky workout…

Once you get started the game is yours to control, there is so many ways you can smash a HIIT session, you just gotta get creative and have fun with it!

That didn’t take long did it, that’s the beauty of it. This blog post is about putting in that effort to make a healthier, fitter and happier version of you. You have got to put in that extra work even when you’re feeling tired BUT like I have shown here it doesn’t have to take too long.

These workouts can be done anywhere in the world home, gym, hotel room, beach, all you need is a little space.

After reading this try it, take 20 minutes out of your day and throw yourself in. If your already doing these then mix it up, my favourite is sprints, there’s a whole new ball game for you to play with!

So after work get yourself on spotify for some fast, heart beating music and get that 20 minutes done!

Happy fat burning…

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