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How to Start A Travel Blog and Make Money Online

How to start a WordPress travel blog (Today) – easy step by step guide

How to start a WordPress Travel Blog and tips on growing traffic for your blog

In this post I want to share with you how to start a travel blog, what I have done to start my first travel blog, and the steps I have taken to use social media to grow my travel blog.

Because I am a web developer I have found the tricky technical stuff a little easier than those who don’t really know much about setting up a website. Anyway, let me break the steps down to you in an easy way. Also, you could check out my Bolton web design agency for some tips.

How to start a WordPress travel blog | step by step in 2018

1. Buy a unique travel URL | Price roughly $14.50 a year (Cheap) – The URL is the name of your website and how people and search engines will find your WordPress website. For example, mine is the make this unique and something you are going to stick.

You can usually buy the URL from your chosen hosting providers, I used 1and1/domains also, before you buy your domain, search Google to make sure it is not already taken.  Top Tip –  you can get a hosting package that includes a free domain from 1and1/domains

How to start a WordPress travel blog | picking a name

2. Find Hosting | Price $2.99 a month- Hosting is the place your WordPress travel blog is going to live. Hosting for a WordPress blog is not expensive and is a great little investment if you are serious about blogging. This monthly fee means they will keep your blog live and ensure it continues to work for all your blog visitors.

Once these first two steps are completed you can now move onto the fun steps.  Top Tip –  Don’t use WordPress hosting, it doesn’t give you much flexibility and if your blog is a success (which it will be) WordPress will cause you problems in the future.

How to start a WordPress travel blog hosting

3. Install WordPress –  This is an easy setup, your hosting provider should provide the option for a one click installation. My provider allowed me one a click installation and boom it was installed. Easy as that, now you should have a travel blog almost good to go.

Wait don’t rush ahead there is a couple of small but fun steps before your travel blog is live and pretty to visitors. So, let’s continue on how to start a WordPress travel blog.

travel blog install wordpress

4. picking the right theme for your WordPress travel blog – This is the best part of the setup, you get to pick the style of your website. There are more themes out there than there are blog posts, some brilliant, some good and some not so good. However, it is completely up to you! Also, there are WordPress themes for both free and paid, but you can pick up some excellent free themes see Free WordPress Themes one thing to be careful of is flexibility within the theme you choose and some don’t give you much of it.

When you pick a theme test it with adding pictures etc, to see if it does everything you want it too. Yes, you don’t have to stick with the same theme, you can change it as many times as you like, but I wouldn’t recommend keep changing it as it may confuse your audience.

How to start a WordPress travel blog picking a theme

How to start a WordPress travel blog

5. Picking the plugins for your travel blog – Like me, you will eventually love the plugins available on WordPress, the plugins give your blog so much added extras. You need to install numerous plugins so here is a list of my favourite;

  • Yoast SEO
  • Askimet
  • Google Analytics
  • Pinterest PinIt Button
  • MetaSlider
  • Instagram Feed

How to start a WordPress travel blog

6. Designing a logo –  You are probably going to need a logo for you travel blog. This will make you stand out and make visitors remember you. Fiverr is highly recommended for cheap quality logos, pick a designer, agree on a design and let them do rest.

7. How to blog on WordPress and write amazing content – Now all you have to do is create blog posts for our chosen niche. For example, I focus mine on travel and travel tips, but you may have a different niche.

Top blogging tips for writing blog posts

  • Google keyword planner – sign up for a free account in Google’s keyword planner. Then, for free you can see what people searching, this will help you create a post based on the keywords people are searching.
  • line breaks – try not to have long paragraphs, I started at first doing that, but then you read it back and it’s trying on the eyes. Aim for maximum 3 lines per paragraph.
  • Images and videos – try to add quality images and videos to your posts, I know I like reading posts with them in Andy so does everybody else, also may help for ranking higher in Google.
  • keywords – Use your keyword uniquely throughout the post but don’t flood your text with the keyword. Also, add the keyword to your headings, SEO title, images and permalink.

Picking the right camera for blogging

images are going to become a big part of your blog and your lifestyle of blogging, which ever niche you chose to go into. Therefore, picking the best camera is something you will have to think about. For example, at the moment I am just using a LINK, which is great for quick, God’s and easy shots. But, obviously if you’re doing something like fashion then you will need a camera suited to your needs.

See my budget travel photography kit

Writing the first blog posts

What the hell do I talk about? Erm….

this I would say is always the most difficult and scary, what in the world do you post about? My top tip for this would be to just have a go at writing something completely off the top of your head and don’t worry about SEO keywords or anything like that. Worrying about loads of different things may affect your creative side of the brain, just focus on getting words out of your mind onto the blog. This will help you discover yourself and that’s who you want people to see, the real you.

How to start a WordPress travel blog using social media to promote your blog

Now time to get that blog out there and find traffic to your blog. Use social media to promote your blog and take about the things that interest you, again I can’t stress this enough just be yourself in your posts and social media. I only follow people that are real with themselves, ain’t nobody got time for fake people.

Best Social Media Platforms I Use

Instagram – this is probably my favourite social media platform, as it I love looking at the amazing travel pics from around the world. TOP tip post in the morning and nights for the best interactions.

Pinterest – I have only been properly using this recently and I am already beginning to really enjoy this platform. This is great for images, tips, stories and links. Top Tip use this platform right and watch your blog traffic build up.

Twitter – I am actively building my account up on here, but I don’t use it as much as I do Instagram. Nevertheless, it is still a great platform to interact with people in your blogging niche and there are some great communities. Top Tip keep tweeting to keep other profiles engaged with you, there is an ocean of tweets everyday and you do not want to get lost in it.

Facebook – One of the most popular social media platforms out there for free. However, I don’t use this platform at all for my blogging. I know this is a great way to gain traffic but is just not one of the platforms I prefer YET.

YouTube – I am looking into creating a travel Vlog for my backpacking in 2018, which as a video blog. This a great way to share your stories and adventures. Also, this is a great way to show people a more personal insight to who you are.

Conclusion of your step by step guide of How to start a WordPress travel blog

  • It is not difficult if you follow this easy guide
  • WordPress is going to give you so a lot of benefits for your blogging future
  • Plugins are a great way to give you extra tools with your blog
  • Researching picking the right camera for your blog
  • Use social media to grow traffic on your blog

Here to maybe help a little more is a video on how to start a WordPress travel blog

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  1. Thank you so much for this remarkable and very easy to follow guide. WordPress is the perfect blogging platform for travel bloggers because it’s easy to set up and there are lots of resources to help.

    1. Thanks guys. WordPress is a great platform for all aspects of blogging and business websites like yours 🙂

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