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Fat Loss

One of the most talked about subjects in this day and age. But, I want you to lose weight the easy way.

Being a personal trainer I know first hand about the saturated views on how to lose weight. There are hundreds of thousands of people round the world saying try this diet and try that diet blah blah blah. I believe to lose weight the easy way.

Theres stuff on tv saying try this new wonder device and you will have 6 pack abs in 12 week, you know the ones when they have insanely shredded, athletic women and men using them. What a load of rubbish!

Losing weight

I know what it’s like to carry a bit of weight.

when I was younger I used to party (hard) and with that came the terrible eating! but you live and learn and them times have made me who I am today.

Then one day I said enough was enough, so where do I go from now erm… You start googling training and diets. Wow there is an ocean of information out there, where do I start.

Truth is I didn’t try any of the diets out there! I  knew sugar is obviously bad so that needed cutting back, you’ll be surprised the food they put sugar into. A little advice check the sugar content in your foods you will be surprised and it will for sure self educate about the bad foods out there.

Then I started to eat more of the good food groups and voila weight loss. No secret to at all! I started to lose weight the easy way


fad diets

I don’t like the word diet when the average Joe wants to lose weight.

Diet should only be used when a person has dietary needs for example diabetes or a body builder is focusing on building/cutting.

FOR ANYONE ELSE ! just focus on getting healthy! Believe me when i say it is not rocket science, it’s about just having a balance. I’m sick of people making money by selling you these fad diets or these wonder machines, it’s all a load of s***e.

These people or companies don’t know if you need a certain amount of calcium or iron in your diet, so why should you trust them with your money to give you these quickly mocked up diets.

A lot of the quick weight loss diets might make you lose weight faster than a healthy diet but it sure as hell ain’t good for you nor is it sustainable. So the weight has dropped off at this super fast rate with a “diet” but as soon as you start eating normal again your gain weight.

To lose weight all you have to do is eat healthy and cut back on a few calories, THAT’S IT! no painful diets, no messing about for hours in a gym and no expensive home devices that promise you the world.

Healthy Lifestyle

Make it a lifestyle not a quick fix!

Eating healthy does not mean salads all day every day, it’s about having a balance.

To eat a healthy balance means to eat a BALANCE

healthy balance

I myself still eat plenty of fruit and veg with other good food groups, I do like to stay healthy. That does not mean that i don’t have a balance with naughty foods, nobody loves a good meal with loads of calories more than me. Chocolate ahhh I love some chocolate and ice cream and I know having some once or twice week won’t kill me or will it you if you eat with a balance.

What I am trying to say is eat 80 – 85% good stuff and then allow yourself that 15% to have a treat.

I am no shredded body builder but I stay lean and I live a healthy and good life with added treats.

Life is about living good not putting yourself through stress worrying over food and diets.

I will post soon about exercises and its benefits.

remember, lose weight the easy way!!

How’s your health plan going?

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