Exploring Nusa Penida | Week 2

Taking in the culture of Bali

It was clear the culture is a world apart from what I am used to and landing in Denpasar was a big shock.

So, after them few days visiting Denpasar we decided to visit Nusa Penida and visit the iconic spots there including the amazing Kelingbeach the secret point.

The boat journey across wasn’t great, my stomach was turning like a washing machine and we hadn’t had any breakfast. The boat stopped at Lembongan island, where our guide tried mugging us off to pay extra than what was needed for the next little boat journey.

The boat arrived at Nusa Penida by bumping onto sand, then the captain hurried everyone off like your teacher rushed you off the playground at the end of playtime.

Then the day carried on with a scooter hire, which was an experience with 2 big backpacks and a mini backpack, checking into our home for 3 days and then getting some much needed food from a cheap local cafe.

Side note – We have learned to get rooms with good air conditioning and possibly free breakfast. No air con would make sleep impossible, impossible is a term the locals use a lot when your trying to barter, also free breakfasts is sweet for the budget.

The best bits of Nusa Penida

The next day we hit up Kelingbeach the secret point where we was truly gob smacked at this beach, nothing like you would ever see in England and it isn’t no Blackpool beach!

Kelingking beach travel guide


After a fun day of site seeing, climbing to do the site seeing and tricky scooter rides to do the site seeing we then headed for some food at one of the many cheap cafes. I had some tuna on sticks with a weird combination of peanut sauce which at the time tasted great. That night I was awake all night shivering with what I think now was food poisoning and I have not had tuna since bleughhh.

The next day we visited the Broken beach Nusa Penida to find out why all the locals of the island recommended this as a great beach. However, the journey to here come with another very bumpy scooter ride, my a**e was starting to hurt. No pain no beautiful sites eh.

After taking in some truly amazing sites, we headed back to our cheap bungalow room for the night. It was cheap and doesn’t come with much but it’s fine for the price and considering we are on a budget. One thing I have learned since flying to Indonesia is they don’t believe in having hot water, every shower is a fresh hit of cold water, it wakes you up like when you jump out of bed on a winter morning and the cold air wraps around you causing shivers. It’s nice though after spending the day in the sun.

Okay so our 3 days are up on Nusa Penida and we need to head to the Gili Islands. My stomach still feels a little tricky from the tuna, but we are excited to go and explore these paradise islands.

Ahhh I better had go I have few things to sort out for this journey and we don’t have much time! I will have my next diary post up in a weeks time.

Speak soon…


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