Best Lake in Italy and Euro camp Lake Garda

Italy’s finest water Lake Garda

Is Italy worth visiting? Helllll yeahhh!

Italy is amazing and has a true feel of cultural warmth.

I have drove through Italy and stayed at lake Garda

lake Garda

A truly magical lake that almost certainly feels like a sea,. By that I mean it looks like it has its own coast from which ever side  you standing on. The area of the lake looks incredibly vast when taking in the jaw dropping views.

lake garda

In regard to accommodation I stayed in one of the Euro camps  the camp was brilliant and situated slap bang next to the lake. When I was there it was fairly quite, but, in summer I can visualize it being thriving with holiday makers as this is a prime location for Garda’s finest qualities.  If your happy to stay on the Euro camp you will be supplied with everything you need including shower blocks, shops, restaurants and a range of different accommodation. Furthermore, all this comes at a great price, winning I think with all that.

lake garda euro camp

Some extra information for your stay, Lake Garda is mahoooosive so your going to need some sort of transportation for getting around the separated local villages, unless your a marathon runner ;).. I know there is local bus that stops off at most of the villages and for not much of your well earned cash. However, I would recommenced a car, why, because you can stop off when ever you desire and take in the natural  beauty!

Italy’s Fine Food

Shall we talk about the food? Mmmmm hungry thinking about it, Italy does mouth watering food!

Ice creams

italy icecream


italy pasta


italy pizza

Why not have it all and burn it off running between villages instead of hiring a car 😉 (it’s worth it)

Yes Italy does amazing food and the Italians take pride in doing so. Yeah we have the above foodies at home but believe me when I say it’s nothing in the league of taste compared to there’s! The ice cream stands are dotted all over and the way they present them too you just draw you in like a fly to the light.  Also, the pizzas are mouth watering good, they are the thin crust type that are just saturated in taste. For the Pasta, well, you would think you could never go wrong with pasta, until you taste the magic of the Italians….

If your lucky enough to visit this epic place you will not be disappointed!

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