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Top 4 things to do in Amsterdam 2018 (from a fast feet city roamer)

Visit Amsterdam

So, you maybe visiting this place for the first time or you may have been before. For me, I have just been for the first time, and I was not disappointed. Amsterdam is amazing, with its quirky, windy, busy and shop loaded streets.

The sites for a street photographer is second to none. Also, I couldn’t believe how many bicycles there was in one place, man there was even multi-storey car parks for the bikes. If you step the wrong way without looking there is a good chance you will get hit off a cyclist, they’re everywhere.

I was there for a few days (which I think is enough), over the days I got to a good few things Amsterdam had to offer. Therefor, I am going to give you my top 4 things to do in Amsterdam. So, here goes:

  1. hiring a bicycle, you’ve got to do this one! I had such a sweet time flying through the city on one of these. Also, if you feel nervous about riding a bike in a busy city then you’ve nothing to worry about in Amsterdam. They cater to cyclists I would say better than the motor vehicles. The cyclists have their own traffic system and even traffic lights that stop the cars and let the cyclists through. So, try this out for a fast and fun day. Amsterdam
  2. Anne Franklin’s house, even if you’re not into your history I would still visit here. Firstly, pick tickets up at a local ticket shop for around €19. Secondly, book your time slot (so no queuing). Then, when you visit you get an audio box to listen to whilst you walk round each eery room of the house learning about the sad history from the not so long ago war. A truly inspirational visit!                ann frank
  3. Canal Cruise – learn, relax, take pics and even have a beer, what else do you want. This is a good one hour tour that takes you around the city of Amsterdam on a river boat. Also, there is audio explaining facts about Amsterdam that are both interesting and can be funny. The tour is roughly €16, but, some of the boats may try to charge you €19 so be sure to shop arround.             amsterdam-canal-cruise
  4. A’dam Lookout – This is similar to London’s Shard. You pay around €22.50 for a ticket to the top of this tall tower in which, you will be greeted by a classy bar and mega views over Amsterdam. Also, this has a rooftop swing that swings out over the edge of the building (not for those scared of heights). To get to tower you have to get a FREE boat form Amsterdam’s central station. The boats are every ten minutes and only take five minutes to get across the water.                                              lookout-amsterdam

So, there we go my favourite 4 things to do in Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of other things to do here, but, I would definitely give these a whirl as you wont be disappointed. As well, Amsterdam has some epic food to offer and they do make some real tasty churros covered in hot chocolate sauce.

Good luck on your trip and take in all this super quirky place has to offer!

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