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The amazing and Skyscanner

Travellers Saving Money

This post is dedicated to  . Because, the jaw dropping prices they provide hostels, hotels, flights and apartments.

Lets start with looking how much the internet has changed over the last 10 years and it has changed. The world is more and more opting to part with their money online as a pose to getting dressed and making the dramatic journey to a shopping mall. Don’t get me wrong I know we love going to the mall and I also enjoy a trip to discover. But, the online market place is taking over. As a result, that goes for flight and accommodation shopping as well. I don’t think I will ever use a travel agent again and I don’t know many people who do.

Anyway, as I mentioned I purchase my flights and accommodation online and one of my favourites for the accommodation is The bargains you find on this platform are unbelievable. For example, I have booked the first 3 nights of May’s adventure in Bali, in a sweet, nice sized and quirky apartment and the price come for £17. I KNOW, how cheap is that eh. Now why would we need them middle men of the travel agents taking extra money out of your pocket. I have used this for lots of little adventures and will continue to happily use’s super services.


Also, the same goes for I have had so many cheap flights from here. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get a flight to another country rather than getting a train to local destination. Skyscanner also provide an accommodation service as well, could say they’re the full package. You can purchase flights with Skycanner for as little as £20, amazinggggg!!!

So this post was to show these brilliant services we have at the touch of our fingertips in the comfort of  homes, hostels, beaches and hotels. I certainly will be taking full advantages of these services through my adventures of 2018.

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