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travel 2018

2018 Already?

2018 My Year

So, this year is probably the biggest year yet! I finish university, wow 3 years done and dusted. Who ever said university takes long?! 26 week in an academic year and its over before you can sit back and begin to enjoy the uni life.

Anyway, I’ve got trips to Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona and then the one way to Bali all in 2018, crazyyyyy!!


January 2018

Can’t belive I have never been to this wild place, just never seemed to have got round to it. But, I have heard the crazy stories off mates who have been and definitely took full advantage of the place. I know there’s some really cool places around Amsterdam which I cant wait to see. Also, Anne Frank’s house is supposed to be a sweet place to discover (if you can beat the ques, top tip; book online before you get to Amsterdam), so a trip to this place will definitely be on the cards. The plan is to roll up to the house on one of Dam’s famous hire cycles.

There is more museums than people in Amsterdam, even a sex museum hmmm. Also, the cafes offer a variety of treats 😉

Amsterdam 2018


March 2018

So this is another place on the bucketlist we are visiting, anyone know the winning numbers for the lottery!?

Barcelona is a becoming an increasingly popular place to visit, I know a lot of people who visited the amazing City last year. There is a lot to do in this beautiful city and a lot of cool things to see. Not to mention home of the greatest football team in the world after Bolton Wanderers F.C. (that’s right)

We are staying at Barca for 3 nights, so that should give us enough time to see everything.

barcelona 2018


April 2018

This was a gift for christmas, a European stay at a hotel at loads of different hotels dotted around Europe (great present). So, we picked to visit Rome as we haven’t been there, plus I want to see the Colosseum where my ancestors used to battle (eyyy).

Furthermore, I have always wanted to visit Rome as there is more than enough history around that place. Plus, you can never get enough of the tastiest pizzas in the world. Also, the Vatican is known for its wild architecture so that’s on the hit list.

rome 2018

The years getting packed out and I’m not sure if we can fit everything in!

We also have to fit a glamping trip to Snowdonia with a water obstacle course within all of this

See Snowdonia trip




And then in May OUT OF HERE! its time to go 🙂 on that one way flight to Bali.

Nothing but sunshine, vests, backpacks, photos and adventures. Counting the days down, South East Asia here we come!! booked our first 3 nights in a cheap but comfy looking apartment in Bali using

Anyway catch up with you soon, got the first trip Amsterdam to plan for.



  1. Lynn and Justin
    January 3, 2018

    What an exciting year of travel ahead! You’re hitting a lot of our favorites so we’re sure it’s going to be EPIC! Can’t wait to see what comes of it 🙂

    1. louis1
      January 3, 2018

      Honestly can’t wait 🙂 counting down every day. Hope you’ve got more planned!

  2. Flossie
    January 20, 2018

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