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I love travel, blogging and photography

I have been fortunate enough so far in my life to visit some amazing countries, such as, the paradise of Thailand, the land of great Ice-cream Italy and the luxurious Southern France. What you’ll find on this backpacking blog is a wide selection of travel tips, where to visit, where not to visit and some crazy stories. It’s an open mind backpacking blog , just like I am. I’m an extrovert and a deep thinking Aquarius . An inquisitor and a fun lover. I believe in keeping things real and discovering what life is all about, and you’ll find a lot of that here. I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 6 years. I have recently done a university course on computing, this will ultimately help me enhance my online presence for you. My laser focus is to help people around the world to discover new destinations and also share travel tips on this backpacking blog.


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Welcome to my blog. If you're like me, you probably want and enjoy reading travel tips, along with funny and unique travel stories. Therefore, I have made this blog to share with you everything I learn throughout the countries I visit.
I am a web developer and also currenlty learning photoshop

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