As a coach, web developer and travel fanatic, my personal mission is to engage and help people around the round. This essentially involves teaching and sharing my skills to help others achieve their desires.

What you’ll find on this website is a wide selection of mindset skills, fitness trends, travel tips, lifestyle guidance, motivation, and of course, the occasional chat about daily life.

It’s an open mind website , just like I am. I’m an extrovert and a deep thinking Aquarius . An inquisitor and a fun lover. I believe in keeping things real and discovering what life is all about, and you’ll find a lot of that here.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 6 years. I have recently done a university course on computing, this will ultimately help me enhance my online presence for you. My laser focus is to help people around the world to discover new destinations, whether that being in life or location.


Fitness and lifestyle coach, Entrepreneur, traveler, developer and a man on a personal adventure.

My Passion

Books, traveling, a little Jack Daniels on ice , fashion, the beach, adventure, chicken, coffee, gym work, running,  hiking, smiling, RnB, dance, hip hop,  porridge and fresh fruit.

The Next Bit

what now? If you are interested in finding out more Intel on me, leave your details and i will surely be in touch very soon. I like to jump on a plane so if I am ever near your city/town then you have got to give me a message.